Are you ready to get results? Improve your life and enjoy success? Orsolya Bartalis has a talent for seeing the best in every person and helping them realize their own potential. She believes that we all deserve the best in life and guides her clients to break through persistent obstacles and create the life of their dreams. Click here to read more about Orsolya

The three areas of critical importance Orsolya specialises in are: Winning Mindset, Wealth Habits & Success Coaching. Click below to explore each speciality, or read on to find out more about the coaching process itself.





What Is Success Coaching?

It’s the missing link between books, workshops and seminars.

Why Orsolya as Your Success Coach:


Orsolya checks in with me weekly and reminds me and holds me accountable for all the things that we discuss in our monthly phone calls. – Raelene

TickOrsolya is always professional, provides a listening ear, encourages me when I need it, makes me recognise where I am my own worst enemy and provides me ways to rectify that. I am very grateful to her for going on this journey with me and encouraging me to do it in the first place! – Peter


Orsolya is such a caring, supportive & non-judgemental coach. She helped me to believe in myself more, so I could to work through some deeper issues & continue to grow towards my dreams. – Trish


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Want More Reasons?


Orsolya offers me great advice and has enabled me to see a way forward. I’ve come a long way personally due to the insights my coach has given me. – Michelle


Orsolya has provided additional resources to expand upon & support our work. I’m very thankful. – Cassie


Orsolya is very committed & professional. She is great at helping me stay on track in our efforts to get results. – Amy

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Values -ebook


It only takes a few extra dollars directed to the right debt to start an avalanche!

What will you master?

  • See the big picture about unsecured spending
  • Fine tune your Financial Literacy skills
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  • Learn the secret formula to eliminate your debt fast
  • Learn how to be the master of your money and stop being the slave
  • How to plan a budget that is actually working
  • How to set and stick to financial goals

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Begin With Why!

Create an ever lasting drive and happiness to create a fulfilling life

Did you ever wonder why you keep finding yourself self-sabotaging? Think no further!

  • Learn the reason for your self-sabotage and why you are not living the life you want
  • Answer the 5 critical questions to find your WHY?, your unstoppable driving force
  • Find your real driver to make things happen
  • Get clear on exactly what you want and design your dream life
  • Find your exact dollar figure you need to strive for
  • Create a clear action plan for creating happiness, wealth, health and fulfilment

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