Do You Want Financial Freedom?

Let’s do that!

You may have a great vision for your life, but you also have just as great resistance to asking for and receiving money. It’s not about attaining more knowledge or getting another skill. It’s about tackling the root cause of your money issues: THE STORY YOU ARE HOLDING ONTO.

I’m here to help! I went from being in $410K in debt to $1M in net worth in 5 years, achieving financial freedom @ the same time. I want to share with you the mindset tools and techniques I used to turn my life around so you can start doing what you love, designing the life you desire and enjoying the financial freedom you crave.

Financial Empowerment Starts Within!

Financial empowerment starts with getting your head and heart aligned with your desired financial outcomes.

Let’s get you out of your scarcity mentality and put you on the path to abundance so you can enjoy freedom in your life.

I’m Orsolya Bartalis

I help women gain control of their money and create financial freedom they deserve!

Are you ready to ditch overwhelm and confusion and take control of your finances?