Not sure about you, but I had a challenging week. And whilst I enjoy the growth and learnings passing these challenges bring me I had to actively remind myself not to let others control my feelings as I got worked up by obstructions and more hurdles in settling some seemingly simple transactions.

To start with one of the things I was working on to diffuse my rising blood pressure is changing my vocabulary as I was talking to myself. I changed words like problem to challenge, and some colourful words to obstructive person. It sure helped me tone my level of stress down in the first instance.

Then I remembered the little quote I have seen several times, to deal with things like a dog would… It is not necessarily that simple, however it reminded me that there are some things that are unchangeable, some are changeable and some are just damn right unacceptable.

So how to deal with challenges by putting them into these categories?

1. I just had to accept things that are unchangeable

What falls into this category? Everything in my past, cannot change the past, there is no point on dwelling on it. Unfortunately negative tends to win in our self-talk, so we tend to lament on the things happened, the what ifs and if onlys. What a waste of energy!

Not to mention the negative emotions we tend to harbour, not only it does no good, it can affect our own health. Success is the best form of revenge.

By forgiving others that have done the wrong thing by you, you set yourself free. Free from distractions to move forward to create a successful future. Let the others wonder how you became so successful.

If you find it hard to let go, you can always write out all the bad things that tend to come up in your mind over and over, then rip the sheet up and chuck it away. This is a great symbol of letting go.

2. Learnt to stop complaining, and change the things I can

You can start by changing your reaction to others’ action, control your thoughts and emotions and through that your actions. Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve rather than the limitations you would normally see.

Acting out of reflex is what we normally do, it is a subconscious habit. Retrain yourself to stop for a moment to work out the right way to go based upon your values and required outcomes.

Learn to relax and breathe, meditation is a great way to help you retrain your subconscious.
And let’s not forget to be patient. Some other changes outside of you may take a little while longer than you initially anticipated. Don’t rush things if you don’t have to.

3. A strong reminder to avoid the unacceptable

If you find that you are surrounded by negative people, or ones that always know better than you. Get out of there! Negative behaviours can suck your energy levels right down.

I don’t just mean people you have to listen to! If you are being tailgated on the freeway, move out of the way, if someone keeps complaining about things move away, if you share an idea and all you get is the reasons why they won’t work you have to share your ideas with other people.

We have a tendency to want to help people, but if all you are getting back is more whining and negativity, do yourself a favour, let that person be. They are not ready for a change and you will not change them, save your energy for something more productive.

A little stress can be good, it can motivate you to get things done or to learn from a situation. Too much stress can be very bad for your health. Start looking at each situation that you are finding stressful to figure out what is causing the stress and what is the best way to handle it, accept it, change it or avoid it altogether?

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