Whether you are creating and online business or a brick mortar kind, there are plenty of mistakes that can be made. I am not going to go into the nitty gritty of leases, licenses, business names and the like. Instead let’s look some decisions that seem simple, yet can easily break the bank.

Choosing a Niche You Don’t Really Care About

If you are going for the long haul you need to be passionate about your business. If you want others to become passionate about it also, you need to be able to explain you’re your story for wanting to build the business. You need to be engaging, driven and enthusiastic to create positive energy around your product or service.

If creating your business is a drag to you, how could you expect other wanting to be involved with you in any capacity? Your attitude toward your niche will show up in everything you do. So if you are in the business of making money, avoid choosing a niche you are not interested in. It will not bring you profits.

Waiting for the Perfect Time to Launch your Product

There is no such a thing as the perfect time. In fact in this day and age it is important that you launch before you create. That way you can gauge market response before you spend countless hours on creating something no one wants to buy.

You don’t need thousands of people to rush through your doors first up. Having a lower number constantly, will help you iron out things before you upscale your marketing to attract the masses.

As long as you do upscale, getting the initial lower numbers means less money spent on marketing and a constant cashflow as you upscale.

Not Taking Action

Yes, thinking and planning are necessary, but not enough to get things happening! If this is where you are spending most of your time, I’d check what fears are cropping up that are holding you back from auctioning things and getting them out there for people to see.

You cannot let fear hold you back from achieving success. Take a risk. Make some mistakes. Gain some wisdom.