Creative visualization is a very powerful technique in manifesting your desires. Despite what the name suggests, you will need to actually use more than just your vision to bring it to life. Your aim is to hear, see, taste, smell and feel your ‘vision’.

So let’s get to work. You already know that what you think about you will bring about. For example if you are constantly worried about not having enough money, you will find the confirmation of not having enough money in your life constantly. Just like if you focus on opportunities to make money, you will find yourself in positions where you can do just that.

But Creative Visualization is much more than just ‘Positive Thinking’. It’s about putting your mind and body in the ideal place first, and then flooding your subconscious with a colorful experience of life as you want it. A little like daydreaming with purpose. And why would you do that? Well because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and your imagination.

The more relaxed you are, the more open your subconscious is to receive the messages you want to send it. And the more senses that you involve in your

Creative Visualization, the more of an impact it will have!

Before we go any further I have to tell you now that no matter what it is you want in life it will not only take visualization to achieve it, but it will take action. What visualization helps you with is getting clarity and opening your Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS filters the incoming information and affects what you pay attention to, how aroused you are, and what is not going to get access to all three pounds of your brain.

So what do you need to do to for creative visualization?


Decide on what desire or goal you want to visualize.

You have to be specific. If it is a new car you are after, you need to think of the make, model, color, interior, the features and gadgets.


Lay or sit down in a comfortable position.  You can have classical music playing, nature sounds or simply have it quiet. Find what works for you to help you quiet down all other mind chatter for the time you are practicing your creative visualization.

STEP Three:

Take a deep breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number 10 to yourself.  Take another breath, hold it for a count of three, and as you exhale, say the number 9 to yourself.

Repeat this until you get to the number zero.

We tend to breathe rather shallow normally, so starting by oxygenizing our brain is a great help.

STEP Four:

Now visualize your goal.  In detail. Don’t view it from the third person.  Put yourself there.  Use all of your senses.

Experience in vivid detail how this goal looks, feels, tastes, sounds and smells like.  The more specifics you can add, the stronger the effect.

You will know that you are doing it correctly when you start to feel excited.  This is caused because your subconscious mind honestly thinks that this event is happening!  It causes you to feel joy.

STEP Five:

Once you have visualized as many details about the goal as you have the time for, usually about fifteen minutes, you can start to come back to full awareness.

You weren’t asleep or unconscious.  But unless you properly bring yourself back, you are going to feel tired and groggy.  Done correctly, you will feel energized and refreshed.

Before you open your eyes become aware of your surrounding. When you are ready, open your eyes

Perform the Power Visualization mind technique once daily, personally I like to start my day with it as it sets me up in a positive mood.  This way there is also no excuse for not doing it.