I really like to be getting things done. I am often going million miles per hour, and that is the moment when my mentors tell me to stop and slow down.

This may sound counterproductive however hear me out, because slowing down can actually help you fight overwhelm, get you focused and keep you on track to success.


  1. Enjoy your sleep – I love having 8 hours sleep a day. I know that I need that to recharge. I cannot function properly without it. Now I can also tell you that it is not just my preference, but studies have found that increasing your zzzs to 8 hours a day can improve your cognitive scores by 22% within 7%! That’s a pretty good reason to get enough sleep!
  1. Start the day with stretches and strategy – 50 minute block for these two is adequate to start with. So do about 20 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes to decide on your priorities for the day. Forget your inbox, your phone, and any other electronic devices that could disturb you while you are preparing for the day.
  1. Make each hour 50 minutes long – In some companies they even have a system to lock your computer to make you move! However in the 50 minute block, make sure you cut out everything and focus on what you want to achieve, focus on the task. Don’t give in to temptation to check your inbox or answer phones, do one thing. It is amazing what you can achieve when you focus!


  1. Move – I mentioned this above, but in case you didn’t pick up on it – when time is up, move, stretch, walk around to get the blood flowing again. It helps to revitalize your body and mind to get you going on the next focused 50 minutes for the day.
  1. Exercise – yes, you heard it. At least 30 minutes every day – a brisk walk, yoga, weight training, dancing, whatever you truly enjoy. Don’t turn exercise into a chore, it is there to completely recharge you after a draining day.

It can be overwhelming to implement all of these at once. I can understand that, but what if I told you that putting these into place can help you create about 30% more energy and effectiveness in your life. What would that mean to you? Where could you take yourself?