Stress is all too real in today’s world! The expectations that we try to live up to. The constant bombardment of perceived lack in our lives through the media. Our schedules that are now busier than Time Square, can catch up with you if you do not take time to unwind. In fact disease caused by stress is leading the way in modern society.

But there are ways you can help yourself and prevent burnout or a mental break down. Here is how!

  1. Set Up Your Life

You may feel that routines suck! But I am here to tell you that they are actually beneficial in many ways.

So take the time and sit down and create compartments for all those things that are important to you. Design your life the way you want it! Sure there may be some items you can’t get away from, like your job! But that just means that you will have to plan it into your week. So from 9-5 is work. Now commit to that! If you seriously cannot get things done in that time, ask for help. Committing to your actual work hours and sticking to it does two things. Makes you get more effective, and teaches others to respect that boundary!

Plan in all items that are important, and commit! Date night, time with family, friends, exercise. Everything. Once you commit, make sure you turn up as per plan. It may take re-training bad habits. However by reinforcing your good ones, not only will you get your life back, you will also build a killer self-belief! Awesome extra bonus to have!

  1. Become Effective

Now when I said that you needed to stick to your work hours, and become effective, I didn’t mean create additional stress by jamming your day full with meetings and urgent deadlines! Far from it! Effective doesn’t mean busy!

Plan your day. I recommend the 50 minute hour. Meaning that when you plan each task that you need to work on, allow 50 minutes for them in one chunk. Once the time is up, walk away. Have a coffee, get some fresh air, do some stretches. Do whatever it takes to get your mind of that task and recharge. In the 50 minutes however, you need to be very focused. No emails, phone calls or any other distractions. You will get tonnes done! 

  1. Meditate

Meditation has amazing health benefits. It helps you align body and mind. So make sure that you take time to do this. This may feel challenging at the beginning, as calming ones mind may not come naturally to you, but work with that. There are several forms of meditations you can try. Some are active, others are still. Some have guidance others leave you to your own devices. Whatever suits you. The aim is to stop, become aware of yourself, and slow down.

  1. Sleep is a Must

Studies have found that 8 hours is optimal. In fact not only the length of the sleep that matters but also the time of the day when you do it. So to get the best 8 hours you can have, aim to go to bed around 10pm.

This will leave you feel recharged for the challenges the next day has to offer.

  1. Become Clear on What You Want

Not knowing what you are working toward can become very tiring. You end up going from one task to the next and to the next without feeling like you are getting anywhere.

So figure out what it is you are working toward. Break it into smaller mile stones and get going. At the deadlines you set for yourself, check in to see how you are progressing. Whilst the big picture should stay constant, the way to get there may not be. So adjust your course as required.