You may have heard this before – The Wealthy Think Differently!

The difference is that they do not buy into a lack mindset. They believe in creating and taking opportunities and plan, risk and manage their money according to their goals.

So what creates an abundance mentality?wealth mindset, wealth, wealthy, create weath, make money, wealth creation

  1. Firstly, know what being wealthy means to you. Technically it is to have an abundance of resources and possessions. The high life with a big mortgage is not wealth. So what would it be? Being free of financial worry? Afford luxury items without having to take out a small loan? Enjoy a comfortable retirement? Your definition of wealth is unique, as such so are the goals that go with it.
  1. Set specific and measurable targets. Make them big, make them inspiring, make them meaningful. Then break it down. Let’s start with a vision of wealth that you just set for your self. When do you want to have that by? What dollar figure would that mean? What smaller targets can you set along the way? What are you willing to take action for?
  1. Make sure that you share your vision and goals with others. Why? If they are just sitting in your head, they are just a dream. Get them in writing, easy to do in a goal book. Get them out to friends and family! Why? Both of these actions make you commit. They make you open up channels to speed you through to your vision.
  1. Know what you are worth! Take stock of your assets and subtract all your debt. Most people go through life completely blind to the fact that some of the so called assets are actually liabilities (like boats and cars) and in fact they are not actually getting ahead.
  1. Treat yourself as the first and foremost asset in this universe! Pay yourself first, look after your health and fitness, continuously learn and grow. You want to be enjoy your wealth after all.
  1. People with sustainable wealth didn’t splash their money around – look at all the celebrities that do! They make millions yet can’t hold onto it! – so consider what you spend your money on.
  1. Find alternate ways to generate income. Jobs are only providing a limited earning, so what other ways can you generate income? Learn about businesses, investments, products or services that you can profit from. Keep in mind that get rich schemes are get poor schemes disguised! Building real wealth takes time!

The real wealthy think do not think of now, they think of the big picture. They are simply taking the current opportunities to create wealth.

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