I am sure reading through our site you have picked up on the fact that pretty much all things are controlled by our thoughts about things. We can’t control other people, circumstances or things, but we can control how we think about them or react to them.

Very often when we change our thinking, we choose to take different actions, which in turn changes the outcomes for our lives. Any successful person understands this concept and realize they need to follow it so they can be the ones truly in charge of their own lives, as they understand that following this concept will allow them to make things happen, rather than let things happen to them.

To ensure you form good habits, you need to be aware of some bad ones that you are better off without!

1. Procrastination

Procrastination will stop you from achieving your goals! You know what you want to achieve, you know what you have to do… the path will not be perfect, so might as well get on with it and get going!

2. Worrying about what others think of you

Here is the thing, generally people do not think of you. All this achieves is putting self doubt in your mind based on based on your own perception of what one may think of you… now why would you do this?

Let’s worry about what you think of you! Let’s make sure that is positive, and understand that others opinion is none of your business.

3. Acting like a victim

The amount of time I hear people going on ‘poor me…’, and pushing the blame on to others for the mood they are in or the anger they feel or the situation that is affecting them…

Here is the deal! No one can make you feel the way that you feel, it is your emotional reaction, you chose it! No one can change your situation, only you can!

Stop blaming others! Look inside you, take charge and make the changes you want to see!

4. Gossiping

What are you achieving by this? Generally I would say that a negative light shining on you… Cultivate compassion, and may be even go as far as stopping the gossiping rather than being the one that spreads it.

5. Spending money on things you do not need

Did you really need that new phone, or did it just make you fit the hip crowd? Most of the times we buy things we do not need as we feel it will increase our self worth.

You need to understand that your self worth will not change at the end of the day by feeding it with ‘junk’. The sooner you understand that your true self is already perfect, and affirm this to yourself constantly, the sooner will your life get better!

Not to mention the savings you will make by not spending it on items you do not need.

6. Working 24/7

This may take your mind off the challenges in your life, however it also eats up your life!

This may be a little morbid to think about… but when you are on your death bed, will you regret not working more, or not spending enough time with people you loved, or more time enjoying yourself?

7. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a waste of time! You will never achieve it! All it creates is a destructive and unnecessary cycle of focusing on the negative because you didn’t get the perfect outcome.

Make your life motto ‘thriving for excellence, not perfection!’

8. Not living in the now

I bet you have found yourself dwelling on the past before, or may be even pondering the what is of the future…Your past is gone, learn from the mistakes and let go of the hurts as dwelling on these ruins your present!

You will never be in the future, so there is no point on visualizing what will happen if…

All you have is this moment, live in it, enjoy it, make the most of it!

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