Everyone wants to work on acquiring wealth, right? Have you ever met a single person who said; “I wish I could live without the security of knowing my health and family are taken care of?” Of course not. So, if we all aspire to be wealthy why are so few of us actually acquiring wealth?

Australia is a wealthy place to be. House prices in Sydney are in excess of $1 million on average. We have the highest minimum wage of any country in the developed world. Our stock exchange is booming. There’s no shortage of wealth to be had.

No Special Qualities Required

You may think that wealth requires special qualities like a degree in economics or a really high IQ but that’s not the case. In fact, becoming wealthy is simply a matter of taking an interest in it, focusing on it and investing regularly – all things that any of us can do. There’s no sleight of hand involved. I do not have a wealth rabbit up my sleeve; you have the opportunities for acquiring wealth within you, right now.

So What Stops Us From Acquiring Wealth?

The number one barrier to acquiring wealth in Australia today is fear. There are all sorts of different fears here too. For some people, their fear might be, “what if I make a mistake when investing?” for others it might be, “what if I become like those rich, snobby people I don’t like?”

It doesn’t matter what the manifestation of fear is. It’s fear that stops us from taking action. Want some good news? You can beat fear.

Recognizing Fear

Fear is only useful when you are in a situation facing actual danger. See a lion sneaking up on you in the savannah – fear will give you the adrenaline you need to run faster. Hopefully, fast enough.

When it comes to your future, fear is not so valuable. You can’t fight the future and you can’t run from it. Fear triggers fight or flight responses in the body. Yet, many people try to run from it anyway.

So the first step to beating fear is to recognize it as fear. This is easy. Can you express how you feel as a “what if” statement? “What if I die young?”, “What if I’m not good at investing?”, etc?

If you can then it’s fear. You can reverse these statements quickly to see why they are silly too. “What if you don’t die young?”, “What if you are awesome at investing?”, etc?

In my experience, it’s impossible to know how we will deal with something without at least having a try.

Beating That Fear

Want to beat the fear? Ask what’s the worst thing that can happen if you do take action? Let’s say you’re thinking about buying a property to let. What’s the worst thing that can happen in this situation? You don’t get a tenant? Well, then you can sell the house. You won’t lose money.

Fear is often irrational. Fears regarding our future are nearly always irrational. The truth is that in most cases the worst that can happen is nothing that you can’t take in your stride.

Want Help Battling Fear?

As a financial freedom coach, I help my clients conquer their fears all the time. I’ll help you see your fears for what they really are and shrug them off to help you in acquiring wealth. So here is a link to my Abundant Mind Toolkit, it can really help you get started shrugging off your fears.


Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/notes/?cat=feelings