There are those people who seem to see the negative side of everything as if a dark cloud is just hanging over their heads at all times. Some call themselves cynical some call themselves realist. Whatever you identify with, if you choose to, you can retrain yourself with a much sunnier disposition.

I am not making that up, according to science positivity is a skill you can learn! You could call it your happiness muscle as it works just like training yourself to lift heavy objects. Simple daily practices can help you rewire your brain toward a new outlook.

So what are things that you can do to help you retrain your brain and rewire your psychology?

  1. Practice gratitude daily

I know this one keeps coming up, it is because it is such a powerful tool. You can ask any happiness expert and you will find that Gratitude is on their list in some shape or form.

Whether you say it out loud in a prayer, whether you find a quiet moment to scribble it in a journal, whatever works best for you, you need to find a structured way to count your blessings. Self-growth expert Megan Wycklendt is explaining that “science has found that gratitude can significantly increase your happiness, and protect you from stress, negativity, anxiety and depression.”

Being thankful is found to be literally rewiring your brain to see the positive side of life. So even if you feel like nothing is going your way right now, wouldn’t you want to start looking for the things that are great? You can start with something small, like having a blue sky, roof over your head, food on the table. Once you get into the habit of looking for the good things to be grateful, you will find more heading your way.

  1. Avoid Complainers

It’s enough having to fight your own battle with negative thoughts and emotions, would you really want to have to deal with someone else’s? Negative people are like vampires, they suck the life out of you!

Complaining has negative effects on those dishing it out, but also those that have to listen! It brings the morale down, reduces optimism, brings up negative emotions and definitely kills the mood.

So when others start to bitch and moan find the quickest exit route out of the situation. This may sound ruthless, but it includes your family also! No you cannot choose them, but you can decide how much time to spend with them.

  1. Learn to handle rejection

Whether you like it or not, rejection is a part of life. In some positions like sales it is even more frequent than in others. So sales people for example are thought to handle rejection in a way of focusing the outcome. In cases where they know that it takes 100 rejections before they get a sale, they are thought to look at the fact that the more rejection they can get quickly the sooner they will make a sale.

Apparently plenty successful people actually set out to be rejected so they can build self-confidence. You can look at it as a failure or you can look at it as a step to be better next time.

  1. Slow down

Stress these days is a big thing. It contributes to many diseases that people suffer from. When the living conditions are o much better than it was for our forefathers, why is it then that this is a growing epidemic?

It is very simple, we have information coming at us a million miles per hour that we are trying to process through television, mobile phones, computers, billboards and the likes. On top of that we also have more opportunities than ever before that we are trying to jam into our days. As such our minds and bodies are trying to cope with processing it all.

The speed we are going at it is impossible, so as we get overwhelmed things get missed. This can create stress further down the track. Sometimes what you need is simply slow down and bring yourself back to center so you can focus.

  1. Cut the rubbish

This goes for many things. Starting with the everyday media. They like to focus on the negatives. Apparently good news doesn’t sell as well as disasters.

Then it follows onto food. Just how much of what you are putting in your mouth is processed? Yes it delivers calories but not the nutrition you need to have a healthy body. In fact the fuel you put into your body also feeds your mind.

So what is it that you are consuming on the daily basis? What do you watch? What do you read? What do you drink? What do you eat? What else are you consuming that is not supporting a positive life?