Talks of finding your life purpose seems to be the rage these days. In fact it can cause a great stress for many people not knowing what they are looking for. Here are some tips to help you on this quest.

Your life’s purpose may not be the same all your life. Ultimately your purpose is to live a happy and fulfilled life. What makes you happy in your 20’s is not necessarily what will make you happy in your 60’s. So don’t get stressed if your priorities in life change. Instead focus on being true to yourself and follow what makes you happy.

In fact make sure you try different things. Expanding your horizons help you grow and develop as a person. Once you find something that is making you excited and driven to keep on coming back.

Maybe your life purpose is to have as many different experiences as you can possibly have!

Ultimately our highest need is to contribute to making the world a better place. Now this may sound like something big! When we think of contribution, we automatically think of something world changing. Something that will see us being selfless. Something on the big scale.

This can be a stressful thought in itself. But your contribution can be as simple as being cheerful and happy!

You see, when you are happy, at peace, filled with joy and love, it spreads like wildfire to all the people you come in contact with, and all the people they come in contact with, and so on.

It increases the vibration of the planet and everyone on it. It will inspire other people to be happy and joyful. So it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you are  happy by doing the things that make you happy.

That’s everyone’s purpose…