Here I am, trying to get business, kids, house, pets and all other items sorted for my upcoming test to work from away my home and the next thing you know, my washing machine gives up on me, the day before I am leaving, in the middle of a load of clothes that we wanted to take with us.

The time and money spent on sorting this challenge was certainly not what I had planned for today!

Now I cannot say that I was ever the type of person that would get flipped out by something like this easily. However there are plenty of people I know of that certainly are. In fact, I could say that they’d peak out massively at something like this.

So it got me thinking. What makes the difference in people’s reaction to a situation like this, or any other deemed ‘emergency’?

Is it that I am now older, and wiser? Can’t say that, as apart from having some butterflies about not having the money instantly to replace something like that, I would have still gone ahead and made it happen.

Do I like these unforeseen set backs? Of course not! Who likes having to fork out a large wad of cash for something that you thought was working fine yesterday!

But there are two things that I feel differentiate me from those that would freak out. One is that I choose my response to be calm, collected and measured. I leave the emotion out of it. Why? Because it helps me make a decision pretty much instantly on the right course of action and get things sorted.

The other is that I now plan for these sort of emergencies. Since I broke through my lack mentality, and stopped battling money, I actually have savings for such emergencies.

Planning for such, also means that I know that these things happen, so I do not let them throw me off my game when they do. If you do that, you are screwed.

Challenges head to you to test you. See take a deep breath, and get on with it. Remember to expect the unexpected! I am not saying constantly plan for doomsday, I’m just saying to expect some curveballs along the way.

That’s not being negative, it’s being prepared.