Have you ever felt like you have been doing things to improve your life and yet you are not getting anywhere? How is your financial awareness?

Regardless of financial awareness, we are pretty great at doing the same thing over and over, meanwhile expecting different results. Insane isn’t it, yet we tend to follow the same useless patterns with our diets, relationships, time management and the way we handle finances.

It’s amazing how otherwise intelligent people behave so foolishly and keep doing what hasn’t worked for years! Heck I did it till I worked out what I was doing, and since I have seen bad money habits effecting people whether they were earning an average income or a high income…

And now I share what I learnt in the Abundant Mind Toolkit, to help people overcome the money habits that they are harbouring so they can reach for their full financial potential and release financial stress. After all their current results are not their fault, they lack financial awareness – they don’t know better – they weren’t taught how to handle money.

Of course, none of us were born with money skills. And most of us had bad teachers – our parents – who were well-meaning but also had bad money habits.

To start overcoming those results and yourself, you need to understand how the rich think and act differently. Because they do! As I touched on it, your poor money habits are creating your financial circumstances. The problem is that most people start blaming the outside world, instead of looking within and developing financial awareness.

It seems that some of us would rather justify, blame, explain, ignore and pretend… than change.

Some of us have been going around financially in circles for years, and now it’s time to step off the merry-go-round and embrace some reality.

And change!

Yes change can be scary! In fact most people fear change more than anything else in life, but you see, your income levels won’t increase past your current financial thermostat. Meaning, you cannot increase your wealth unless you change your way of thinking and allow yourself to receive and keep more.

For years, I was stuck on the same income level, because I was comfortable with it and lacked financial awareness, so any time I set out to make more I’d find self-sabotage left right end centre was keeping me back at the same levels. Because I questioned whether I deserved more…

Once you grow and become more, you find that the old limitations will lift and with that your wealth levels will also lift, because you build new money habits, ones that support you.

So where do you start the change?

Take Action

And not the same action that you have always done… if you keep that up you will find that you will get less and less along the way. Accept that the perfect time will never come for the change, stop dragging your feet and start now. Procrastination is an attitude thing! So stop wasting your time and change your attitude and have better financial awareness.

Get a mentor. Someone that has done what you want to achieve.

Or take action, by joining my Abundant Mind Toolkit program and learn how to build those new habits that support your wealthy life!

Stop The Blame Game

Why do we even do that? Because you see if your situation is someone else’s fault then you don’t need to change! Ha! What a crock!

Your outcomes are your responsibility, take charge and get the control over your life back in your hands.

Grow Your Awareness

Yes! This can be challenging since many of us have been managing money on auto pilot. It’s amazing what you can find when you learn to question yourself, your beliefs and your actions.

Which is exactly what I teach in the Abundant Mind Toolkit!

Stop Wishful Thinking

No, it’s not the same as manifesting your dreams! Many people subscribe to the ‘if I dream about it, things will work out’ plan. Things don’t work out by themselves. You have to make them happen with conscious and planned action.

While the wishful thinkers are sitting around with their fingers crossed, the smart people are consciously and methodically creating their best life and exploring their potential.

Success or failure is not pre-determined; it’s YOU determined



If so, get a mentor – someone that will hold you accountable. Start now! Embrace the change and see the difference it creates in your life.

Or why not join the Abundant Mind Toolkit program so I can teach you the art to re-write your money story.