My partner has been working very hard on his strategies of late. He tells me all about them at the end of the day, and then when I ask how he went with them he says that he hasn’t tested them. The other day I believe the culprit has come out! He told me that he will believe that his strategy and system works once he sees it!

Well now we have it! How can you achieve something if you do not believe that you can? How can you bring something into your reality if you don’t believe in it? I feel it would make it very tough for anyone! Unfortunately the skeptic lives in all of us. The believe it when I see it notion is something that we seem to cultivate in many western cultures. It is something that is rather easy to overcome however.

How, you may ask? Well first of all you have to know what you want. When I want a new car I decide on the brand, the color, the make, the interior colors and the gadgets I’d like. Then to make me even more connected to achieving this goal I connect the goal with my thoughts and feelings. The easiest way to do it is to go to the nearest car yard that sells these babies to have a closer look, sit in one and feel what it is like. I even go as far as taking it for a test drive! You have to make sure it is as good as what you imagined after all. And if it is, then grab a photo of it. Even better a photo with me sitting in the driving seat!

These actions definitely help to concrete my want into my subconscious mind and emotion bank, enough to want it. All these actions also activate my RAS – Reticular Activating System, which will mean I will see these cars everywhere. With my very specific picture in mind, my RAS and my subconscious will help me find the way to make my dream a reality.

If you got the photo of you with the car put it somewhere where you can see it constantly and remind you of the feeling driving it. Very importantly believe that you will have that car, believe that you are worth it! Cut all negative self-talk about NOT having the car. Feel what it is like having it in your garage, taking it out on a drive. If it was a new car you can even imagine the new car smell, you can even go as far as getting a new car smell air freshener.

What I love even more is putting the badge of the new car on the steering wheel of my current car. Of course when you take it in to the car yard you can always live the badge there, and just say you are here to swap for a newer model.

It was due to something going wrong with our last car that I saw the next one I wanted! Less than three months later she was taking us on a road trip straight from the car yard! I was ecstatic!

You can use this method for anything you want to achieve. Even better you can create a vision board with pictures of things you’d like to attract. It can be a great thing as long as you use these items for inspiration and all your thoughts and feelings are positive about obtaining them.

Believe you can, and all you want to see in your life will appear!

WARNING: It will also require you to take action toward achieving your goal, cannot just dream about it!

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