Have you ever had trouble staying focused? A lack of focus can best be described as a state of confusion, uncertainty, and impotency. When you aren’t focused, you drift aimlessly along, not really sure what you want to be doing, or how to do it even if you had a clue.

It’ s easy to set goals and form plans. It’s easy to say we’re going to do something – many people do that. Not many actually follow through and take action. FOCUS is necessary if you want to become more successful at anything in life.

What do I mean by focus? I mean being able to stay on track with your goals and take consistent action steps that will help you achieve them.

In order to stay focused, you will need these 3 things:

  1. Know where you are going
  2. Know how to get there
  3. Do whatever it takes to get there

Without those first two steps, staying focused would be nearly impossible. Now it makes sense why I keep telling you that knowing what you want is very important?

The two biggest threats to your ability to focus are:


All of us have distractions in our lives. Whether they are external (other people, televisions, computer games, outside noises like sirens and traffic) or internal (negative thoughts, fear, confusion) – it is up to us to overcome them.

Distractions can be aggravating for sure, but they can also serve as a convenient excuse to stop trying.

Do yourself a favor: minimize your distractions as you work on your goals. You may need to wear earplugs to shut out excessive noise, or have a talk with your family members and ask them to support you in your goals or even find a place away from home that you can use.

You may need to decide to steadfastly ignore the critical voice in your head that utters messages of failure and doom. You may need to set a new schedule to allow yourself some quiet time each day.

Do whatever is necessary to take charge of your own success.

Lack of commitment

If you’re not fully committed to your goal, you will find it much more difficult to stay focused. You’ll be easily thrown off-track by self-sabotage, distractions and more. Without commitment, you simply won’t put forth your best effort!

Right now, before you read any further, make a promise to yourself that you will do whatever is necessary to reach your goals. Decide that no matter WHAT happens, you will keep moving forward, keep learning and growing and developing yourself as a person.

With that type of attitude, you will become unstoppable!