The millionaire mindset. What’s the difference between a millionaire and the average person on the street? There’s not much in it, in truth. You don’t have to be super intelligent to be a millionaire, you also don’t need to be “lucky” to be a millionaire, plenty of ordinary folks have planned their way into a better life. So what do you need to be a millionaire?

The Millionaire Mindset

Millionaires don’t think better than you do but they do think differently. They have a specific mindset which enables them to create financial freedom. The good news is that you can adopt that mindset too. There’s no “secret” to the millionaire mindset. Here’s what millionaires do differently to non-millionaires:

  • They make their financial decisions with financial freedom in mind. It’s a habit that you can form with a little support. When you think about your financial freedom before you spend money, you can make the right decisions with your money – decisions that lead to the millionaire lifestyle and not to temporary fixes.
  • They know what they want in terms of financial freedom. Everybody has a different ideal for their millionaire lifestyle and it’s important to spell this out as your end objective. How do you know if you’ve achieved the financial freedom you want; if you can’t articulate what that is?
  • They are goal oriented all the time. When you fix your eyes on the prize, it’s best to keep them there. You can’t hit a target easily unless you’re looking at it. The millionaire mindset builds a habit of looking at the big picture and making sure that each action the individual takes is in harmony with the big picture.
  • They learn to make their money work for them rather than working for their money. There are only so many hours in the day and only one of you. Millionaires know they can’t achieve the lives they want by themselves, so they get their money to do it for them. You don’t have to be rich to start this process. In fact, you’d be amazed at what you can do with just a little capital to get going.
  • They want to learn more all the time. Nobody has all the answer all the time. The millionaire mindset accepts this but always looks to improve. If you don’t know something, you can learn it. It’s the way to financial freedom; a life of learning.
  • They have fun with their process. This may be the core of it all. Financial freedom is an amazing thing to achieve but the journey can be a whole load of fun. The millionaire mindset transforms taking care of yourself from a “duty” or a “job” to something you can enjoy and be proud of.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

It’s easier said than done sometimes to make changes in your life. That’s OK. You don’t have to go it alone. You can find your millionaire mindset and gain your financial freedom by working with a coach. That’s where I come in. Why not start by taking my Abundant Mind Toolkit course?  

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