When I talk about wealth and millionaires, I find alot of the time that people talk about the big mansions, the travelling, the nanny, the sports cars, the helicopter, the boat – all that sort of thing!

But you will find that many people who have these perceived lifestyles may have high income but their debt levels are just as high. They actually have to work really hard to maintain that sort of a lifestyle.

Whereas if you looked at many other millionaires, they actually have high level of income producing assets but a low level of debt. So, they might have the big mansion now, but that’s not where they were when they reached their millionairedom.

What Do Millionaires Think, & How Does Their Mind Work?

Pretty much the same as yours apart from the fact that they can actually become really clear on what it is that they desire.

Okay, so it’s fantastic to have the lotto dream of the big mansion with the sports cars but what does financial freedom actually mean to you?

Just tell you that by definition financial freedom means that you can cover your basic needs like food and housing, transport and schooling with a passive source of income. Therefore, you wouldn’t necessarily need millions of dollars for it, in fact, in Australia, about $20,000 should comfortably cover that. Right? Suddenly your goal can be a lot closer to financial freedom.

What Do You Need To Achieve Financial Freedom?

Become very clear on that.

Secondly, think about decisions that you are making. I put a blog up the other day about how to overcome procrastination. It’s talking about decisions that you make about your long-term future are in the now. it’s really hard for your present self to actually consider how it will affect you in the future unless you use your awareness and think about your actions.

So, when you’re going out there ready to whack something onto your credit card, just stop for a moment and think about “how is that going to hold you back from achieving financial freedom”?

Millionaire Minds Are Very Goal Oriented

So that’s Number Three. Like I mentioned, once they become clear on what they want and they set goals, they actually map out how they’re going to get there. Then with awareness and with checking in on their progress they’re actually keeping on and focusing on their goals at all times. They are highly goal oriented and make sure that they get there.

The next thing that they know is that they will need money to work for them. If you want to be able to walk away if you want to be able to have freedom in your life, you’re going to have to learn about money. You’re going to have to get your head around money and they get their mindset sorted to be able to receive abundance to be able to receive financial freedom to be able to keep on top of their goals. So, get yourself a financial coach, get yourself a mentor and get your head in the money game.

Life Students

They’re also people that are constantly learning. You might have hated school, but millionaires are actually constantly developing, constantly growing. Whether they are working on their niche, to keep up with technology or to keep up with current trends so they can implement it in their business. Sometimes they are simply working on themselves. They are constantly growing, constantly evolving.

Finally, they love to have fun. But their fun might be defined differently from yours. Many millionaires love to hang out with their friends, love to hang out with their family. At the same time connect, they talk but they don’t necessarily make Saturday night a write off. They just enjoy the company, they enjoy fun, they keep fit, they keep active they get involved.

Look at the ways you can train yourself and you can train your millionaire mind with these points.

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