Spend time on planning

Design your life according to your willingness, how much time do you spend planning your life? What if I told you that most people spend less time planning their life out than they do planning their next vacation.

When you are off on a vacation you find yourself planning – how to tiger there, what to take, what to do there, how to get around… The list goes on. And we do it because it is fun, it is for an adventure and it gives us a vacation. Vacations are there to expand our horizon, let us learn new things, discover.

Why can’t you approach your life with the same spirit and adventure? I’m here to tell you that it is possible! It can be done!

There are some pre-requisites! Only three…

1. You have to do what you love – something that challenges you and builds on your strength.

2. Plan each day like you plan your holiday

3. Make sure you have fun each day

Take a look at your strengths and weaknesses

Once you sit down and work out your strengths and weaknesses, what is important to you and things you like to do, working out a suitable career is made easy.

But what then? You know those weekends, when you made no plan and you find yourself wondering aimlessly to find that by the end of the weekend you didn’t achieve a thing? Well you don’t want your life end up like that, so I suggest make a plan.

Start with the big picture, your long term goals. This may seem overwhelming at first, but all you have to do is make the first step. So once you set the long term goals break them down to challenging, but attainable short term goals. No matter what the long term goal is, you should have some daily goals and achieve them to build your future.

Always be focused on your targeted destination

You will make mistakes, you will find that some things you planned will not suit the lifestyle you desire. Sometimes you will have to change tact or direction. But as long as you know where you are heading, you can make sure you make the right choices to suit your design.

A lot of us are afraid of failure, so they will never start working on their life design. So I say put your goals where you can see them. This may feel like you are broadcasting them and it will certainly bring up your fears, but you have to remember that what others opinion of you is doesn’t matter, failure is an opportunity for growth, and keeping your goals visible will help you focus.

I encourage you, get involved to design your life, plan down to the last detail, just like you plan your holiday. It is fun, it will take you on a road to expand your horizon, and the biggest adventure you will ever have. Build your success by design, one step at the time.

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