Take a walk down to the banking districts of any capital city in the world. There you will see rich men and women living what appear to be dream lives. They drive expensive cars, live in amazing houses and they work hard for it.

Yet, their lives aren’t usually very easy. All too many bankers live in fear. They wake up in the morning knowing that if they lost their jobs; they wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgages on those amazing homes, their children would no longer go to the best schools because the fees would be out of reach, and their cars would swiftly be taken back by the dealers.

Income does not equal worth. It can’t. Whenever a financial crisis hits, people sink beneath the waves and many of those people are those who have large incomes. Those bankers may have lots of income but they have no security. They are slaves to their desks and to their companies. If things go wrong they’ll quickly be out on the streets with nothing to show for a lifetime of work.

Security Is A Better Measure Of Self-Worth

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to feel sad for bankers. What I want you to do is to forget income as a measure of self-worth. Being a pay check away from the streets is all too common nowadays and it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s not just bankers who feel like this; it’s teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. too.

Financial freedom isn’t about money coming in. It’s about having money to spare. It means that when your children are ill, you can take a week or a month off work without worrying about losing your home.

It means reaching retirement and choosing the life you always wanted and not trying to carve out a life with much more free time but with much less money to spend.

Where would you rather be? Living in a mansion spending each day worrying about the global economy, knowing that a single stormy month might be the one that puts you and your family on the street or living a nice home, with the mortgage paid off, with money in the bank, knowing that you can not only ride out the storm, you could ride out a hurricane if you had to?

Imagine a world where you judge yourself by your ability to choose your future. Wouldn’t that be a better world than the one where you try and measure yourself by a pay check? It would be an easier world too because if you ever did lose your job (and while I hope it never happens to anyone reading this,  in these uncertain times nobody’s job is 100% safe) you’d have nothing to fear.


It’s dangerous to judge ourselves by our income; it can change in a minute. It’s better to judge ourselves based on our security. Pick up my Abundant Mind Toolkit today and start building your own security.

Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/sunset-peace-solitude-calm-nature-1207326/