When it comes to Financial freedom they say you should start planning for your financial future as soon as you can. Everyone knows it makes sense and almost everyone doesn’t do it. Many of us find that in our 30s or 40s, we’re still thinking about that future and we’re still not doing anything about it.

We want financial freedom and we want it in the here and now but we’re still hamsters in a wheel; working all day long, trying to stay afloat and worrying about the future.

Money Matters Are Scary

It’s easy to see why. Money is scary. What if you invest money and the investment goes wrong? What if you lose money? Who wants to work and then lose money? We don’t know anything about investing, so it would be better to wait until we do, wouldn’t it?

OK, take a deep breath. Clear your mind for a second. Here’s what they don’t tell you in school about investing.

You can’t get good at investing or attain financial freedom without investing in something.

This is true for any skill, right? You don’t expect to be a good driver by thinking about driving. You don’t daydream your way to becoming good at your job. You have to try and practice and navigate a few bumps on the journey.

It’s like becoming a parent. Every parent is nervous before they have a child. Will they love them enough? Will they care for them right? Yet, the only way to be a good parent is to start being a parent. Parents are human, they make mistakes at times but most parents are doing a good job for their kids.

Here’s another truth about investing.

If you’d have invested in Australian property in a major city 10 years ago – you’d have seen returns of roughly 5% per year on the equity (and somebody else would have paid off some of your mortgage too). If you’d invested in a stock exchange tracking fund 5 years ago, you’d have seen a 33% return on your money.

Simple, sensible investments aren’t particularly scary because they’re not particularly risky. There will always be a demand for housing stock – even if that demand sometimes goes up and down. Australian business will always make and sell things – even if sometimes they sell more than at other times.

Not investing, however, comes with its own price. Someone who didn’t invest their money 10 years ago or 5 years ago – has no extra money today.

If you’re waiting to become the perfect investor to attain financial freedom then you’re letting opportunity pass you by. You can’t become financially free without investing.

Still Scared? Get Some Help

You don’t have to take your first steps into taking care of your financial freedom alone. I know it’s scary, I’ve been where you are. That’s why I started this business to help people like me and like you. I’ll walk you through the basics, help you put a plan together and help you take charge of your financial freedom. Wouldn’t you like some extra financial security in your life? I think you would, so grab my Abundant Mind Toolkit today and find out how we can move forward together.


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