Remember, Financial Freedom Means Being Able To Take Time Off Without Losing Income

Have you ever felt guilty about taking a day off work? Worse, have you ever felt frightened of doing so because you’re worried that people will see you as a skiver and that you may be risking your job? Or have you ever worried about the financial impact of taking that day off? Answering these questions helps you understand why financial freedom means being able to take time off without losing income.

I have. It’s not a nice feeling. I am a mother and there are times when being a mum has to come first over anything else. It’s not easy though, is it? I would find myself choosing between taking care of them when they were a little sick or leaving them so I could earn the money for their next school trip or their Christmas presents.

No-one Should Feel Like This

We shouldn’t have to feel like this. We live in an age of technology. Technology that was supposed to leave us all working less and yet, somehow, most of us are actually working more. It’s clear that technology isn’t what it was promised or that society hasn’t, yet, worked out how to use technology to benefit people rather than corporations.

However, that fear of taking a day off? It comes from our financial insecurity most of all. If you need your job to keep a roof over your head and your children’s heads; you can’t afford to take a risk even when your children really need you to be there for them. If you have to have an income coming in to be sure of being able to put food on the table, you’re going into the office come hell or high water. Even if it makes you sick.

The Solution – Financial Freedom

The solution is obvious. After all, we already established that financial freedom means being able to take time off without losing income. It’s unlikely that your employer is suddenly going to become perfectly family friendly or that they’re going to buy a robot to cover for you when you take time off. You can’t put the problem in their hands because they have other priorities. Trust me on this, I used to work in HR. “People are our most valuable asset” comes with an unspoken codicil “as long as they are chained to their desks making us money”.

That means you have to take responsibility for making the change. If you can’t rely on your employer to make life easier, you have to make life easier yourself.

That means developing financial freedom. Financial freedom is when you have money invested so that it creates an income for you no matter what you do. The ultimate financial freedom is when you can stop work and watch the money come in as it always did but you don’t have to get far on your journey to financial freedom when you become better equipped to weather the occasional minor financial storm.

If you are tired of leaving your children’s care to others, if you are sad from being forced to work when you are ill, if you’d just like more time off and to work decent hours – you need to become financially free. And I repeat, lest I sound like a broken record, financial freedom means being able to take time off without losing income

If you don’t know where to start, that’s OK. That’s why I am here, to coach people like you so that you can be financially free. Use my Abundant Mind Toolkit to take the first steps to freeing yourself of the tyranny of office presenteeism.


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