D. I. Y. Short Courses

Let's Get Debt Free!

Are you feeling like Debt is controlling you? Break that cycle by learning how to pay your debt off fast! Watch the masterclass here

7 Day Money Challenge!

Are you ready to become financially savvy and stop wondering what is happening to your hard earned cash? Complete our 7 Day Money Challenge

The Millionaire Mind

What would you do if money was no longer a challenge in your life? Find out how millionaires thing differently Watch this Masterclass

Secret Goal Setting Formula

Have you ever wondered why you are not quite getting to kick those goals you set for yourself each year? Learn the Secret Goal Formula to become unstoppable!

Guest Blogs


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 Episode #384 Developing a Winning Mindset

In this interview with Marc Mawhinney we discuss how to overcome mindset blockages to clear a path to the life of your dreams. Listen to podcast.

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Season 2, Episode 297: Orsolya Bartalis – Mindset Mentor and Success Coach

I had a great time with Michael discussing how to set goals and then kicking them one by one! Listen to podcast.

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Breaking Through

Dana Wilde and I discuss how to break through the mental blocks to success. Listen to podcast.


5 Misconceptions About Money

Had a great time speaking with Jeff, Mr Marketology himself on how to turn your life into success.

Money causes a lot of hang ups for people so we had a detailed debate about how to overcome your limiting relationship with money, fear and failure. It is a must listen. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Listen to podcast here.

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037 – Perfect Life: Find Driving Force to Achieve Your Dreams

Perfect Life: What is it? How to achieve it and how to overcome your challenges along the way. Discuss it in this interview with Dr Gene. Listen to podcast.

Published Articles

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Orsolya Bartalis – On The Path of New Career

If you are at crossroads, now is a good time to change your career.

Learn about how I did just that over the last 12 months. Read article.

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How To stop procrastination and get things done

What have you not yet started, due to procrastination? We tend to put stuff on hold from time to time, what is the real reason behind procrastinating and how to overcome it. Read article.

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I AM WOMAN Project – Empowering Women To Realise Their Dreams

To find my article and read many other inspiring stories, click here.

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How mums can change your career after having children …

Don’t let parenthood stop you from living your dreams. Learn how to get your dream career as a mum. Read article.

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Setting Financial Goals

Financial goals are very important if you want to stay on top of your wealth. Knowing your numbers is the first step to get ahead. Read article.

Nearly half of all Australian households earning less than $40,000 a year said they went backwards financially last year, and only a third of households reported income gains, according to a private survey released by ME Bank. Read article…

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Making profits from renovating distressed property

It is not a simple, fast method, but property can give you good returns. Learn just how I created great profits with my renovate and flip deal. Read article.

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Breaking through the dark cloud of depression…

Depression can be hard to diagnose. And for those who suffer from it, it can seem like a deep, dark place of hopelessness. I hope this article can inspire you to find a way through it. Read more.


Published Books


Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business …

The bible for every SME. Written by some of industry’s most knowledgeable thought-leaders, Every Entrepreneurs Guide: Running Your Own Business is produced in an informative, conversational style with valuable, insightful advice and case studies taken from real business people running real businesses. Get the book

Reboot Your Life

Reboot your life is an inspiring, thought provoking book that will help you commit to reinventing yourself and living life to your fullest potential. Written by contributors from all over the world, including Orsolya, this book will be your constant companion on the road to change and a better future. Get the book now.


With chapters covering how to avoid the traps in property investing, understanding cash flows for investment properties and how to maximize profit potential from your investment property, The Australian Property Book is an essential guidebook for anyone looking to buy sell, manage or invest in property in Australia. Get the book.