A habit of millionaires – let me tell you a secret which should be obvious but many don’t seem to know; “anyone can become wealthy. You do not need any special talents or skills and all the information you need to do so is available to you today.”

All you need to obtain your wealth and financial freedom is to change your mind-set. Millionaires are creatures of habit; they’ve made become richer a habit, hence the need to adopt that specific habit of millionaires. Good habits reap rewards and financial freedom is nothing but a habit. You want to know why that’s good news? Because habits can be learned. Bad habits can be replaced with good ones.

So, what’s the number one habit of millionaires?

You’re probably thinking that this is something really difficult to learn because otherwise wouldn’t everyone do it? It’s not. In fact, it’s a very simple habit to get into. You might need a little help and support at first to adopt the habit but once you’ve got it down pat – you’ll be flying towards financial freedom before you even know it.

The Habit Is Focus

It is becoming clear in research in nearly every field of human endeavor that there is one habit which determines who will succeed. It’s true in early years education. It’s true in sports. It’s also true in wealth building.

That habit is focus. It is the ability to set a long-term goal and to take action constantly towards that goal.

Why Set A Goal?

Goal setting might seem like some naff corporate exercise but in reality it’s very sensible. If you can’t tell someone what financial freedom means to you; how would you ever know if you were financially free? What matters to you in life is what will matter when you define this.

Your financial freedom will look very different to mine or to your next door neighbour’s financial freedom. So, nobody else can do this for you. If you want to be wealthy, you have to decide what that means to you. This should be a fairly simple process but if you don’t know where to start, you can always talk to a coach, like me.

Why Focus?

Investing isn’t very hard. I know it might seem like that if you get deep into the Financial Times but in reality, it’s pretty easy. You take some money and you make it go to work for you. That money brings back more money. You send out your money to do more work and it makes more again. And so on ad infinitum.

However, if you don’t invest in your financial freedom continuously – it won’t happen. It’s not enough to buy a few shares today and expect to become rich. You need to buy more shares next month and the month after that. Maybe when the money pile is big enough; you buy an investment property. And so on…again, a habit of millionaires.

To do something regularly requires focus. You focus on becoming wealthy and then you take action to become wealthy. This isn’t rocket science and it’s the worst kept secret in history.

Want Financial Freedom But Don’t Seem To Be Able To Focus?

You don’t have to undertake your journey to financial freedom alone. Why not work with me? I am coach who specializes in helping people through this journey. You don’t have to be alone if you don’t want to be, I can help you develop a habit of millionaires. Make financial freedom your priority today, sign up for my abundant mind tookit and begin your journey, now.


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