How do you find real happiness is a question that has been on many minds this week. According to Anthony Robbins: Find your highest values and spend your life living up to them, is a sure way to find happiness in your life.

Why is that you may wonder… Happiness comes from within, it is a moment by moment decision you make. We could be taking the same drive to work, while I absolutely loved it, you could have absolutely hated it. Why? Because my outlook can be on the great weather, the music, gratitude or whatever else that I find makes me happy, while you may concentrate on people that cut you off, every red light that you caught and anything else that can make it a negative experience for you.

You will also find that happiness is not created by success with relationships, money or health. Happiness cannot be a consequence. In fact if you base your happiness on just one of these then you will find that they may become a hindrance.


So if we look at happiness, we will find that there are three levels to it – to make it simple.

Level 1 – this includes material items, things, toys, shoes, clothes, gadgets, money. I will even put in here achievements like a degree, or the next piece of paper you gained. These are great, for a short burst of happiness. However to keep happiness up that were caused by these, you need to keep these things coming!

Level 2 – Challenges. Now these may not result in something material in your hand, but they will certainly make you grow. They will bring out the best in you, build your resilience and provide new positive attributes. Why do you think Golf is such a popular game? It is a constant challenge!

Level 3 – Something bigger than you. Now this will keep you happy as it pushes your altruism. Contribution, making a difference, makes us human beings very fulfilled and happy.

So how do you get yourself to level 3? Rather than waiting for things and people to change you take a step toward making a difference. You follow your set of values and principles in life. How will you know if you got it right? It is easy, you will just have to check that ‘Work/Life’ balance we always seem to talk about.

If that is out of whack, i.e. you spend too much time chasing money, or hiding at work, your relationships suffering, you will know that you do not have balance. Being out of balance will take its toll, emotionally, socially and physically.

wheel of life

To get things right, you need to balance the wheel of life. And to do that, you need to know what you want to have in life. Too many times we know what we don’t want, and by focusing on that, that is exactly what we bring to us, so change your focus to what you do want. Set your goals and targets to reach the balance you need.

How can you do that? Figure out what your perfect week looks like, write it down, plan it out. Then reconnect with yourself, through meditation and mindfulness exercises. Make time to reconnect with others, play games, have fun, create intimacy. Lastly make sure you become generous, it may not be generous with money, but give time where you can, time to your kids, family or charity.

And in all this, follow your inner compass at all times!

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