Interesting question, huh?

You may even think that you don’t have any and that is not what holds you back from being wildly wealthy! It is the fact that you aren’t making enough money!

I am here to tell you that half the time it is not that we don’t make enough, it is that we don’t use money the right way.

So why is having a limited money belief an issue? Because no matter what you do you will find that you don’t have enough. It can be because you are constantly self sabotaging your efforts, or that you are repelling the opportunities of better money flow/ Or you are working waaaaay too hard to even think about how you could get more money in your hand. And in the end you are becoming all disillusioned with money.

See, what is happening is that by the age of 7 – yup! You heard it, it is before we even know what money is for! – you have a set belief about money based on your surrounding and what they have thought you. It was based on people’s reaction to bills, pay increases, job losses, overtime, second jobs. It was based on their body language that you observed. And as if that was not enough!

Over time you kept hearing that it was hard to work for money. Easy come, easy go and the liked. I know I sure did! This has just reiterated the already preset ideas around money, and created a pattern you now hold as your own.

This can be rather damaging.

So what can you do about it now? First you need to become aware of what is going on. Over the times I have found this is the hardest part. Why? Because we are going so fast we never stop to listen to our chatter in our mind, our feelings and our reactions to events in our lives.

We need to slow down and become aware. So next time before you whip out the credit card for something that you don’t actually need, stop for a moment and listen to your self talk.What is it telling you? Check out if there was some sort of trigger in your life – at work, relationship etc. that is driving you to make this purchase.

Once you are aware the trigger, you can choose a different reaction to it. You can walk away. You can put the money you were about to spend toward your savings even If you can actually afford it.

Only after mastering these two steps, can you work on changing your beliefs. Because if you are aware of the trigger and can control your action, you can then question the old belief as it is arising. Not only that, but you have a new pattern enforcing the new behaviour that you can utilise to put the old thoughts to rest.

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