This is something I felt I was struggling for a while, so as I was putting this article together I realised that there are some people in my life that in fact were mentors, but as they weren’t there holding my hand through processes, I tended to discount their value.

What I mean by it is that we often follow people and their development in business or life, we even take on some of their traits and others we look at in awe. Because they are not there , holding our hands directly we do not consider them being a mentor. Realistically, if there is someone that you like and follow, and they become the version of success you identify with, in a field that you also want to work in, copy what they do! Now I am not saying plagiarise! Far from it!

Follow the system, trends, and traits that they put in place. There is no point on reinventing the wheel if they have a system working for them already, after all a mentor is someone that you look up to for doing what you want to achieve. So learn from them even if it is from afar.

When it comes to personal hands on mentors however, it can get a little trickier. Afterall, you cannot just walk up to someone and ask them, ‘Will you mentor me?’

A much better question to ask the person you want to be mentored by is ‘What can I do for you?’ Mentorship is a commitment, a big one of that. So it needs to be a win-win scenario.

Successful people are happy to share their tricks of the trade, but not f it just means that someone is leaching of them. So what can you provide of value to learn from your mentor? Haw can you make their life easier or better? What can you help them with to help them grow and take you along for the ride?

Build a positive relationship first. Learn about them. You cannot expect an already busy person to drop everything for a cold email or even phone call. Give them a great value proposition that they cannot refuse. Offer pro-bono help. Offer something that would create an equal value relationship.

It will take some time and commitment from your end, but think about the value you will receive in return.

If nothing else, some people offer mentorship for a fee. If you are going down this path be vary of spruikers. There are many out there, asking big fees and offering very little. So do your research before you open your wallet.