Every day, whether you are in business, thinking of business, are working for others or none of the above, we find ourselves thinking of the bigger picture. Figuring out how we can make the next $100,000 or travel for the rest of our lives not working for others ever again. No matter what your dreams are, while we are having your day dream on how well it will work out for you, you will be confronted with your own fears, doubts, internal issues that you’ve got going on all in the same session.

So why is it that you find yourself shooting down your dreams and getting stuck in a rut?

What we want is to be in charge of our lives, to be driven, focused and in the flow; knowing what we want and finding a way to get there no matter what. So how do we make it a constant state of our lives instead of procrastinating yet again?

The easy answer is, overcome ourselves! Easier to say than do, I know.

It can be done! First you need to be able to identify what it is that is holding us back! This is the hard part, the reason for it is that a lot of our blockages, fears and like come from our subconscious. To get tho answer here, can be challenging, as the subconscious has a great way of making things happen without us being really aware.

Why? Because we programmed it that way. Just think about actions that you do without even trying, breathing, blinking, walking and if you drive, you sometimes find yourself even doing that subconsciously wondering how on earth you got to your destination.

Unfortunately there are some beliefs that we are running on our subconscious program level too, so it can be a little tricky to overcome them when we don’t even know we are doing them. In saying that if you become aware of these programs, you can change them.


The first step is, next time you find yourself procrastinating, sit down and reflect, what is coming up as you choose to reach for the remote instead of making that important phone call?

Is it that you fear that you will fail? Is it that you believe that you are not good enough? Are you worried about how the changes of your success will affect your life? What comes into your mind as you are focusing your attention inward?

When I do this exercise with clients I hear it countless times, ‘I can’t put myself out there’, ‘that’s not me’, ‘I can’t do it’. These are things you are telling yourself, sometimes even without realising. When you do that, you are reinforcing that message to yourself and holding onto this old belief. These are the blockages we are creating without realising.


Once you stop yourself to be on autopilot, and become aware of your thoughts you can make the effort to change these beliefs and unlock these blockages to get you back on track toward your goals.

Once you consciously check in with yourself, you can stop procrastinating and start creating your new, more beneficial, unconscious habit. It may sound a drag, but it is amazing what you will discover about you! Good or bad, you are the creator of your reality. It’s up to you to create the life of your dream and unlock your full potential.

Excuses are great to hide behind, but they will not get you results.

Second step in making you unstoppable is confidence. Funny thing is we tend to believe that confidence will come somewhere down the track in life, realistically you need to get confident now to take action toward your dreams or you will not move forward and create it. Confidence comes, because you got going! You tried, regardless the outcome.


So once you figured these out, all you need to know is what your best version looks like to you. This may change from time to time as you grow, you need to make sure you check in with yourself.

So right now what would the best version look like? What would it take? What habits would you need to develop? What skills or attributes would you need to have? Whatever it is for you is totally fine, so long as you identify it so you can work toward it.The big secret to bring it all together is to be that person NOW.
Who do you want to be. And step into that NOW. Be that person now. Have the confidence, the drive, the passion. Focus on that every day.

You’ll find those old fears and doubts will creep back in, it’s totally natural. The key is to keep checking in and re-focus your thoughts. Emotions are all things that you can cultivate within yourself. It’s in your hands; it’s completely up to you.