You may be familiar with the ‘I’ll be happy when…’ thought process. I think I mentioned it before. We tend to hang out level of happiness on things that we are working toward. We say I’ll be happy when, I win the lotto. I’ll be happy when, I get that new car. I’ll be happy when, I get my new job… The thing is, if that is what your happiness relies on, you will never be happy. Instead you will be miserable on the relentless chase of the next best thing.

So if that wasn’t enough! I find that people tend to create more misery in their life with the ‘If only’ comments. This way of thinking limits your creativity, your foresight, your opportunities and in a nutshell the whole of your life! Not to mention your happiness levels by confirming to yourself that ‘If only’ you were somehow different, you’d have a better life.

So what are the most common ‘If Onlys’ that hold you back from your dreams and create misery?

  1. If Only I Got That Opportunity to…

Firstly let’s get this clear, in the age of entitlement, don’t think that what you believe is rightfully yours, is actually yours for the taking. Others may have a different idea about the situation.

You may have had a great idea, you may have been inline for a promotion, you may have missed out on your dream house, your partner didn’t turn out to be the person you believed… It doesn’t matter.

If you missed out on any opportunity, the reason for it is – YOU. You can sit around and blame other people till the cows come home, instead turn things around., and ask yourself, what have I not done to make this work? What has this situation come to teach me? The lesson is there for you to become a better version of you if you chose to take it. And as you grow and develop remember, you don’t need to wait for someone else to give you the opportunity, you can create your own opportunity.

  1. I would put in more effort, if I knew it was worth it

Firstly, if that is the way you are thinking you are not truly passionate about what you are trying to do. So you may just be flogging a dead horse.

Successful people believe in themselves and what they can achieve, they have a vision of the outcome they are working to achieve, they are engaged by it, as such they out the effort in whatever form required to lift things off the ground and make things happen.

Compensation is just a reward for your efforts. With your current effort levels, would you pay yourself the salary that you are on? Or would you pay yourself the amount you would make more effort for?

  1. If only I had the time

I hear this time and time again. Let’s be honest, you always find time for whatever you really want to make time for. So let’s not kid ourselves!

So instead of running around aimlessly, figure out what you need to make time for. Plan it and commit. It is as simple as that!

  1. If only I had the money

This is about as common as the time version. It is a little more difficult to overcome this way of thinking, as if you had the average family upbringing, you would have extensive training and programming in a poverty mindset. As such, if I said you have money for whatever you want money for now, you’d end up raking up massive amount of unsecured debt. Which is not the right way to go about it.

You can however have the money for anything you want without going into debt, you just need to have some retraining of your subconscious programs and money habits.

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