Today I want to talk to you about your Reticular Activating System; otherwise known as your RAS. So, what is this thing?

Have you ever heard the saying that “whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”? Napoleon Hill said this saying after he spent countless amount of hours studying millionaires and how they are working and what they are doing and what they are bringing to their life.

What he found is that there is this area in your brain which is called a RAS-Reticular Activating System- which is basically the most powerful tool in your brain and it can help you create the future that you so desire.

I’m not going to go into the psychological explanation of it but basically if you put it into Google it will bring it up for you.

How Does It Impact Your World?

The RAS is basically working for you like your personal high-speed internet search engine just like Google. Whatever you’re putting into your head, into your mind, and whatever you start focusing on, it starts searching for it and starts searching your environment for the proof to make that happen.

A great way to relate to your RAS working is when you’re basically surrounded by unusual background and someone starts calling out your name. Even though at first you don’t know where it’s coming from, it gets to your ear because you are recognizing that and you start looking for the person calling out your name, right?

So, if you aren’t aware of what’s happening in your mind right now, what’s happening in your RAS right now and you’re in a less than desirable situation, more than likely your RAS is searching for negative outcomes, negative beliefs that you have put into your mind.

I’ve seen it a countless amount of times when people go, “oh, today is gonna be crap, this is a shit day. It’s raining outside it’s going to be horrible.’ Consequently their whole day is doom and gloom and things just don’t go the way it’s supposed to.

The same thing happens with abundance and with money. Just look at the fact when you are preparing for your salary increase, you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re broke right now but when you get the salary increase that increase will go to better things; savings, investment, whatever…. What happens when the increase comes in? Suddenly, the difference in your pay just disappears! Because why? Because your RAS is searching for ways to support the belief that you’re broke. So, consequently, no matter how high your money is going to increase to, you will always find a way to spend it and not have anything at all.

How Do You Make Your RAS Work For You?

So, what do you need to do to basically turn on the RAS and start creating abundance in your life? Basically, start becoming really clear about your goals. When you read them out, think about them, feel them with a positive emotion right, and truly be really clear. This is where I always say, “you can’t just say a number out there that I need a million dollars” That’s not a goal, right? You have to actually step it out. When do you need the money by, how much money do you need, what you need it for and make it something that you can feel really strongly and positively about and then put pictures around the place that represent that goal and the abundance that it will bring into your environment, okay?

Again, if you start feeling like there is resistance towards it that’s quite natural because right now you’re pushing through that boundary, pushing through the old limiting beliefs. When you feel the resistance, turn it into a question. How do I already have abundance in my life? How do I already work towards achieving this goal? What have I already made happen to achieve this goal?

Find the answers for that and that’s how you can help yourself break through that resistance. And then start visualizing yourself having achieved that goal and be thankful for that. If you can’t see the pictures in your mind say it out loud. How does it make you feel? Where does it take you? What are you doing when you have the goal that you achieve? And make sure that you take responsibility for achieving your goal. So, when you step it out it’s got an end date, it’s got a plan as to how you get there and make sure you hold yourself accountable and hold yourself responsible to make it happen.

By doing that you’re actually making your RAS work harder towards creating what you are now desiring 🙂