I talk to many people, and it is rather interesting how many are looking to find joy in the future. You know that, ‘I’ll be happy when’ mentality. Chasing that better job, new car, finding a partner, getting a new house etc.

Whilst looking in the future is great – we need to have plans and direction so we know where we are going -, continuously looking in the future means that you are never happy as you are always waiting for something to arrive before you would allow the joy into your life.image (3)

Whilst we should aspire for finding joy in the current moment, coming from within, that is something that will come with practice. If that is something new that you are aiming to achieve, don’t fret there is a way you can start practicing allowing joy into your life. The way you can achieve that now is by simply recalling a happy or joyous event from your past, re-experiencing it and being grateful for it.

If you do this 2 or 3 times a day, with 2 weeks you’ll be amazed at how much better you are feeling, all day – not just while you are doing it.

There are a couple of other benefits as well:

Feeling joyous and grateful at the same time raises your vibration that inspires you to deliberately create a positive future. And as you are no longer emotionally attached to the outcome (as you are already feeling joy, as such you no longer have the ‘I’ll be happy when’ outlook) you will attract things you want into your life much easier.

As you keep practicing recalling joyful experiences, the experiences will be closer and closer to the now, until you actually find yourself living in the moment without even realizing.

And voila, you are living and experiencing joy in the now.

You may find yourself resisting the idea of feeling joy now, but I ask you, what are you getting out of feeling miserable all the time? What story is that confirming to you? And what would you gain if you let that story go?

If you are thinking more money will buy you happiness, think again. The secret of the wealthy is to choose happiness now, the money will come later. Learn their secrets in this FREE Masterclass.