Financial freedom for women as a topic has been growing in popularity over the years and it is one that is indeed dear to my heart. I read somewhere that true wealth is what you have left when you’ve lost all your finances. Others have said that wealth is born on the inside and works its way out. What does financial freedom for women mean to you?

As modern women with a growing number of opportunities and challenges on a daily basis, we need to have healthy finances to meet our requirements and better still a surplus to enjoy all that life has to offer whilst contributing to worthy causes so in this regard we need to think in the right way about ourselves and our ability to create financial wealth and ultimately financial freedom for women.

Here are the four qualities that assist in creating financial freedom for women:

  1. Congruence.

Congruence is the alignment between what you think, say, and do. Let’s say you preach the virtues of financial freedom for women, scrutinize others’ spending habits, yet you yourself live off your credit card, run late on your bills and just live way above your means. In such scenario you are not being congruent with yourself.

Whilst pin pointing that your actions don’t match your words is rather easy, tracking your thoughts to your actions can be a little more challenging because if you do not take time to discover the subconscious patterns disturbing your congruency.

Aligning your thoughts, words, and actions will put you on a path to not only achieving financial freedom, but also create peace and congruency in your life.

  1. Courage.

To make the right decisions, and not just think about it, takes courage. You see, we have spent so many years giving in to others expectations, fulfilling the picture that they have created about us that it can be a challenge to follow through with our positive decisions. Especially, financial decisions as a woman!

Courage is what lets us assert our opinions confidently. Creating financial freedom for women, is something new, and will require you to call on that courage to ensure that you carry out the steps you need to to reach your goals.

  1. The ability to say no.

As women we tend to give too much! This quality can leave us at risk, especially financial risk if we allow others to take advantage of us. Kids and partners can be a main culprit if we allow them to pull on our heart strings as they lead us to financial ruin.

It is therefore a must, that women learn to say NO to ideas presented that do not serve their needs. This means that if your child wants you to become a guarantor on their home loan, you decline the opportunity.

  1. Tidiness.

Removing clutter and chaos from our lives brings insight, which makes it easier to achieve what we want. From emptying closets of unused stuff to streamlining your wallet, cleanliness and order is a sign that you’re in control. It reflects a clear and focused mind, which are also two noteworthy factors when looking at the path to financial freedom for women.

So start with becoming congruent in your life which can develop the courage to make better and wiser choices. As you begin to sort your own house out you’re then in a position to act with liberality to others financially and we know that when we give without expecting anything in return we always feel that we’ve benefited far more than merely receiving good things. This is the kind of authentic happiness that brings true wealth and abundance to us.

We all deserve financial freedom and the ability to live life on our own terms, pass on these tips to other women so they too can develop a mindset geared towards attaining financial freedom for women. Ready to make a difference in your life? Join the Unlimited Results Academy and start NOW.