I was riding on the train this morning, and looking around have noticed that most people looked unhappy. Not many faces had a smile or even a slight glimpse of it. This made me wonder, is it just because it is still early or is it due to the lack of love in our lives?

Love is a big word. It is one of the basic foundations of life. We all thrive on love, so why are there so many of us that do not have love in our life?

The root cause can go back to our childhood. Parents wanting the best for their children to ensure they had a better and brighter future, wanting them to be successful and become smarter and achieve more, forget to actually slow down and show them how much they actually love them and how much they care.

Whilst the parent wants the best for the child, the child feels pushed and feels as though love is withdrawn from them unless they hit the next target, and meet the expectation of their parents.

A lot of the children growing up in such environment will never learn how to love, or show that they care. They never experience that love should be unconditional, instead they learn it is only given if they work for it. This creates a vicious circle as people who do not learn to love, cannot pass on love.

Love is one of the basic foundations in life, even if we didn’t experience it without a condition, we crave it. We need it to have a fulfilled life. Those that learnt that love is linked to meeting others expectations will do just about anything to receive it. They can let themselves to get to the lowest of the low because they want to fit in, because they want to be accepted and
believe that is the way to get love. Some people join gangs, others choose sex, drugs, alcohol or food to fill this void.

Unfortunately a lot of people forget that the first step to receiving love is to love ourselves. As such if they get rejected by someone it can be a major blow to their life. Some people never get over it. They tend to turn within themselves and create a very lonely world, locking the possibility of further rejection out of their life, with that any further possibility of love also.
Not having love in your life can cause a massive emotional void. The stress caused by this on your body can create physical ailments and dis-eases. Constant headaches, back aches, allergies can appear.

So what can we do to break this vicious circle?

Firstly, slow down. Learn to enjoy your own company, learn to love yourself, accept yourself for who you are. Spend time with family and friends and get to really know them. Put the effort in to show them you care.

Get involved with your children. Instead of pushing them to achieve something that is important to you find out how you can guide them to find their life’s purpose. Make sure they have a life, not just constant sport/piano/dance lessons, let them be children as well. Show them you love them and show them you care.

Get involved in a worthwhile cause, we feel great fulfillment when contributing the greater good.

Most of all, take your heart out of that box it’s been locked into and take a chance at giving and receiving love.