Why is it important that we start practising mindfulness? It is because we are starting to create new patterns, new habits so you can actually create a successful future, something more fulfilling and bring more happiness into your life and start enjoying living and start enjoying your financial freedom.

So, what is mindfulness?

Well, one of the ways that people describe it is basically being in the moment and fully focussing on one task, right? Which is something great that you can practise further down. Forget multi-tasking. If you really want to get things done, then do it mindfully. But the other way that we are looking at mindfulness is basically taking the time for yourself, so you can sit down and figure out what is going on for you. What’s happening in your life? Are you being the person that you set out to be as you’re reaching towards your goal? Are you living up to the promises that you made to yourself and to family or loved ones or whoever you made promises to? Are you being there for yourself? Are you living up to your values and the standards that you told yourself that this is important in my life? Are you bringing that into your life? Because the thing is, the reason we become unhappy, the reason we become stuck, the reason we feel unfulfilled is because we’re not creating a life where we are living up to our values, where we’re living up to what is important to ourselves and we put ourselves on the back-burner, right?

It is always important to check in with yourself but especially when you are at the beginning of your journey because -let’s face it- you are pulling yourself out of a position where you were mindlessly doing things. Where your actions were reactions to things and were driven by subconscious patterns. You might not have even realised what was going on. So, when you’re changing it is extremely important that you start utilising some sort of tools, whether it’s visual cues, whether it’s a song coming on, whether it’s setting time aside in the morning in the evening, creating a morning routine or an evening routine or linking things, like anchoring things to you, like I said a song or a certain activity that you do at any time of the day, right?

Whatever is working for you, start creating a space and time for yourself where you can sit down and check in; Is everything going the way I want it to go? And create a reward system for yourself.

If you’re turning up for yourself, if you’re checking in, if you are actually being there for yourself and you’re turning out to be the person you want to be, set a reward system for you. It doesn’t have to be a monetary one -in fact I would recommend that it isn’t-  bring something into your life that you wanted to do but you never get around. You know, I love baths, but it was something that I wouldn’t bring into my life because it was always like, “I don’t have time”. So now it’s one of my rewards. Same thing for massages. I’ll go and get a massage if I’ve done something great or, you know, I turned up for myself basically, not something out of the ordinary.

The things you can consider utilising for this and checking in with yourself is basically your journals, you can utilise diaries, there are apps out there that give you reminders where you can set up your own questions, but if you’re not entirely sure as to what you are looking at, I have actually created a Mindfulness Checklist. It’s got a morning check in, where you set little targets and put in little reminders for yourself as to what you are working on today and then in the evening there is a check in to see, “have I done what I said I’m going to do today?”

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So, you can even download that as a tool to help yourself to start focussing on who you want to be, what is important for you that you’re living up to, the cause you’re working on and start focussing on them mindfully each day to make sure that you keep on track.