You may have seen Mission Statements produced by companies, whether in their offices, their recruitment documents, websites or other communications. You may have even formed an oppinion that it just relates to their propaganda to put the company in a good light. But why do they have Mission Statements really?

Mission statements are there to set out goals and targets that the company wants to achieve as a whole based on their values. If all employees are involved in creating such a statement, they can create a synergy in the organisation and make the outstanding achievers in their field. You may be wondering about now why am I talking about Mission Statements. Well one of the biggest things I came across over the years of dealing with people is that many of them have no idea what they want, or if they say they want something in their life, they cannot answer as to why they want it and many of times they never reach such targets.

To help you eliminate this issue I urge you to sit down and create a mission statement for your life that can help you steer you in the right direction toward becoming the best you can be!

Firstly I would recomment that you sit down and work out what are the things you value in life. It can be family, friends, laughter, integrity, loyalty  Рand if you want to be wealthy, you better put money on there also. Ask yourself, what is it that makes you tick? Once you have prepared this list, add to it things that you are passionate about, things you like doing.

Once you have the list sorted out, the next step is to take a moment and write down your ideal day. What do you do? Where do you live? Who do you spend your time with? What do you need to make your life happy? It could be something as simple as seeing kids off to school, do yoga on the beach each morning, having friends over for a BBQ. It’s not about what you would do on a holiday, but instead what is it you want to do to have a meaningful life.

Once you have done both these exercise you need to create your mission statement, that will outline what are the things you will do to live by your core values to achieve a meaningful life. You may be able to put it into a sentence to sum it all up, you may have to write a paragraph or two to make sure you get everything you want into the statement.

More than likely you will not be able to perfect this at the first go, you will have to re-look at it regularly to tweak it to your needs so that you can commit to living by your mission statement, and so that it can inspire you.

If you have a partner or a family I would also recommend to sit down with them and create one for your ‘team’. They can be your guidelines when dealing with each other, and it can help you work toward common goals and live a happy and fulfilling life!

You can also place your mission statement – or your core values – on the wall, think of it as a piece of art, so you can see it often, to help you gel it in.

If you are not sure how to create your mission, join our powerful goal setting masterclass that will help you drill down into all elements of your mission to start setting Clear Money Goals.