Today I want to talk to you about why money alone is not going to solve your current problems.

I see people so often constantly chasing money. They feel that money is going to buy them happiness. As such, they go on and work a massive amount of hours or climb the corporate ladder or do whatever it takes so they can get more income coming to them.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that.

I thought that if I can increase my income to this next level I’ll be so much better off. I thought that then I can be happy.

Money does not buy happiness. So I found myself working in HR, I found so many people that have other challenges outside of their work because they are most often not there for their family or for their loved ones. They have to make the sacrifice for that increased income one way or another. They either put more hours in or they work away from home or they neglect their health because they are thinking they have to be there for work. It’s not worth it.

Money will not buy you happiness.

The other things that I found working in HR is that more often than not, people were doing what they felt like was expected from them. Expectation from the spouse, expectation from the family. Many times they were stuck in a career – even though it was paying them the money – that they absolutely hated.

Just think of the personal dissatisfaction that you’re feeling when you don’t like what you have to do to earn your income.

Not only that, but because they thought money was buying happiness the increased income got chewed up by the new toys, the bigger houses, the holidays and other things. Or in some instances, even though the income increased they might not have seen the things appearing in their life. Money basically just disappeared, so they constantly still felt broke.

Just chasing money alone is going to leave you possibly unhealthy with a trail of broken relationships behind you and it is just a relentless chase. What you need to do firstly is that you have to recognise the fact that you are enough. You don’t need the next level on the career ladder – unless you actually would love to get there – but you’re already enough without it.

You don’t need to make more money, you are already enough.

You are lovable, you are worth it and you are enough.

Secondly, you have to sit down and actually nut out whether or not you do want more money. Is it really what you want? Are you willing to sacrifice your family life, are you willing to sacrifice your time, are you willing to sacrifice your health to create more money? And are you doing it with the thing that you actually love doing?

It’s so much more fun doing what you love and bringing the money in than doing what you hate and trying to bring the money in. So, what do you really want? How would your life look without money in it? What would you really want to have in there? Get clear on that and then base your goals around that. So, then sit down and decide what is it that you will need to change in your life? Is it your workhours? Will you need to cut that down? Is it your relationships? Do you need to set up date nights? Do you need to be there for your children? For their special moments so they can actually create a relationship with you. What are the things that you need to bring into your life and what are the things that you need to cut out of your life right now?

Then start taking action because it’s all well and good that you plan it on paper but without actually taking action, nothing will change. Then back yourself because there will be people – when you say, “I want to move out to the country and become a farmer”- people in your current role will say, “what are you doing? Why would you do that? You’re crazy, you’re stupid, you’re going to fail!” They’re going to bring all their fears into what you’re trying to do. Do not allow that to happen.

Back yourself. When they raise their concerns say, “thank you very much, I have considered already the changes that are required. I will take on board what you’re saying but I have to go and give this a go”. Back yourself and find people that have gone through such changes because you will need other people with the same mindset. With the same thought processing. You will need those people that can help you.

That can support you in the face of naysayers so that you can actually start following your dreams. Stop making your decision on the next income level. Start basing your decisions on what you want to see in your life and experience in your life.

Then, you will see the changes….in your life!