Many people I meet are wondering around aimlessly in this world, searching for fulfilment and happiness on the outside.┬áMany a times I hear “I’ll be happy when…’ and the list begins to grow, ‘When I get my new car, house, make more money, get that promotion’. People relentlessly look for happiness in things that can only deliver a short term burst to their mood and not anything long lasting.

People hold onto beliefs wrongly, around money for one – money is nothing more than a piece of paper with a perceived value, yet I see people be like drones, being controlled by it. The belief that one is evil, holds money back from reaching their true potential. Money is just a tool, a score card on how well one is doing at life.

Travelling the road of endless pursuit for money and things will just wear you down, make you disillusioned, unhappy and broken. As human being we need more, we search for more, we find fulfilment when we can belong, when we can contribute, when we can make a difference.

You can have it all, you can have happiness, you can have financial freedom, you can have success – you just need to follow your purpose.

Morgan Freeman sums it up perfectly in this video, watch it and ask yourself – am I living my life’s purpose? Am I making a difference to this world?