Welcome to Unlimited Results!

I meant to give you a fancy third person bio, I hope you don’t mind that I chose to make it more personable.

I’m Orsolya Bartalis and I help women become financially empowered so they can start enjoying freedom in their lives!

Why am I so passionate about financial empowerment?

Because not that long ago I was a struggling single mum, trying to build a career, yet feeling like I was going backwards.

In my darkest moment, as I was considering quitting my career and living it up on social security (I did the numbers, I would have totally been better off!) I had $400K+ debt and was falling way behind in bills! Not to mention that I missed pretty much all the special moments of my kids life because of ‘work’.


See when I moved to Australia, by myself as a 17 year old, I had big plans! I was going to conquer the world and have this amazing life, living by the beach, doing what I loved, getting the big money and loving every moment. I was going to be unstoppable, after all, I was already breaking through boundaries! What could stop me?

A divorce and couple of kids later, I was directionless, funless and broke.

Passionate about and bloody good at my job, yet not getting promoted, nor did I get the remuneration that I was worth. At that time I also didn’t feel comfortable with negotiating a better rate, after all my efforts alone should have spoken for themselves!

As I always loved property, I figured it was a great idea to invest in it, with negative gearing being the craze, of course the property I bought was slightly negatively geared. As no one mentioned that negative geared properties (those that don’t quite cover what you need to pay each month) worked for those on much higher income, it just ended up being a massive drain on my back pocket.

My mother taught me by example, to put my kids first. So I felt like I couldn’t spend money on myself, as they came first! I hated it, it made me more and more miserable… Pain is a great motivator though!

I had enough of lack. I had enough of going without. I had enough of misery.

I started looking into why the rich get richer, to find that firstly they think differently about money. As I researched it more, I found that I was well versed in poverty – my thought patterns, habits and programing always brought to me exactly that.

To overcome myself, I knew I had to change my money mindset.

My further research has also showed me that the wealthy do not work for money, instead they make money work for them. LEVERAGE is a big thing. Leveraging not only money, but time is very important to me now.

Fast forward 6 years from my moments in misery, to find a multimillion-dollar property portfolio, becoming an author of multiple books and co-authoring a book with one of the worlds biggest legends, John Demartini, couple of months holidays each year, doing the school drop offs (may not sound exciting to you, but I have been dreaming of this moment!), attending special moments as I can plan my life around them and doing what I love – helping other people create freedom in their lives through becoming financially empowered.

The more I looked at my own situation, the more I found that I am not unique in my struggle with money. It is something that 90% of the population is struggling with. I was one, and it is the major ‘excuse’ that I have heard from people while I was in my HR career as to why they wouldn’t go after their dreams!

So I decided to share what I learnt with people!

What I have learnt so far has turned my life around – and by no means am I done learning! Changing old habits and patterns takes time. Creating real wealth is not a get rich quick scheme by all means.

I could give you a promise to be Financially Free in 90 days, but I would be blowing smoke up your butt.

My aim is to empower you so you can

  • Create your personal wealth plan – the foundation for your financial freedom
  • Re-write your money story so you finally stop repeating the same problems and can grow wealth with ease
  • Boost your self-worth so your net-worth rises exponentially
  • Help you step into your power so you become unstoppable while you reduce debt and take full control of your finances
  • Live life on your terms – we’re always happiest when we have free choice and money is the biggest restriction on this worldwide!

If you no longer want to be a slave to money,

Want to make your money work hard for you,

Start showing up for yourself, and creating real wealth,

If you are ready to take charge of your life!

Then join the Unlimited Results Academy and

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