Let’s face it, more often than not we find ourselves in a position where we’re not happy with something. Whether it be our fitness, our weight, our relationship, our career, our finances seem to be a big thing. We always have something that we can improve on, make things better or you might even find yourself just being stuck and not knowing where to go. So how do you reboot your life?

The reason that you’re in that position is to do with the choices you made and the actions that you have taken based on those choices. The problem is that often these choices and these actions were driven by subconscious patterns that you didn’t even realise.

That you were taking yourself down on a path to get the outcome that you have right now. Just think about things like brushing your teeth, going to the toilet or driving a car; these sort of things you have learnt over time and they just come naturally to you right now. So, you might have even found yourself driving home sometimes and going, “how on earth did I get here?” because you were actually thinking about something completely different yet, you still found your way home. The same thing happens in life and the same reason is that we get an outcome that we have right now.

What the problem is, is that these patterns were created often based on watching your role models or other people in your life so generally speaking they’re not even based on your own beliefs. So, you might even go, “how on earth did I get here?” Right? Your financial results for example, “Why am I broke? Why don’t I have money? Why don’t I have the financial independence I’m craving for?” When in fact you have subconscious patterns running in your mind that will make you spend all the money that’s coming your way.

If you’re ready to take action then you first have to start investigating, “What the hell is going on?” You know? Look at where you are stuck right now. If it’s with money; What’s happening? What is it that’s bothering with your financial situation? Is it that you’re not having enough income? Is it that you’re spending more than you’re actually earning? Is it that you’re not being able to save? You’re just scraping past? What is it that’s a problem for you? And ask yourself a question, “Why is it a problem?” Now, it might sound silly to you but I need you to start thinking about why what’s going on is bothering you so you can find pinpoints? and triggers, 1. That can help you change your situation and 2. That are creating the situation. So, it’s really important that you know why you want to change, right? And, also you want a strong driver behind wanting to change.

HOW would you like to make a difference? So, it’s all well and good for you to say, “yeah I’m broke…I just want to be a millionaire”. Well, that’s not going to give you a direction. That’s not going to help you create a plan on changing your life, rebooting your life and creating a better future. So, actually think about it. What would you like to make different? Is it that you want to have a saving plan? Is it that you want to pay off your debt? What is the first big thing that you would want to change about your finances? Is it to do with your income because you might have to actually start looking at your career if that is the problem. And then ask yourself, “Why is that the outcome that you desire?”

Now, the reason why we’re asking “why?” here is because we want the decision to change and the direction that you are going down to be your own. Okay, so if you’re telling me that you want to start saving because your mother told you so or because your partner is on your back about it, forget it. The reason for your change cannot be someone else dictating an outcome for you. You have to choose that yourself, otherwise it’s going to become a struggle to reboot your life.

If you are ready to reboot your life, then you have to start becoming aware and practice awareness of what’s going on for you right now. What’s triggering your situation? Why are you spending too much? Why are you not going out there looking at opportunities?

Once you start becoming aware of what’s going on you can start choosing a new reaction or a new action to move forward, right? So, if you’ve found yourself, “Yay, it’s payday”, and you just got an increase and you have the sudden urge to rush out there and purchase something then you can choose not to do that right now. Because right now you are willing to forgo instant gratification to work towards the new goal, the new you, the new life, right? And then you can start setting yourself new standards and by that I’m meaning whatever you’re accepting as okay right now can no longer be okay. So, you have to create the next frame. What would that mean? Would it mean that you stop going out every Friday and Saturday? Would it mean that you have to start giving yourself a budget that you can spend each week? What could be the new standard that you could strive for? How you will reboot your life?

Finally, start implementing the plan. If you slip up every now and then, that is okay. Do not beat yourself up, okay? As long as you don’t start going down a slippery slope. Because if you are using awareness you can say, “alright, I got triggered, this is what happened, this is what I chose to do, that’s the old pattern, that’s the old me. Next time I will do better.” And then you can start catching yourself and stop yourself from going back into the old patterns.

If you’re not entirely sure or if it’s scary for you to reboot your life and start creating changes, just download a copy of Reboot Your Life and I will walk you through certain steps and fears that will arise as you are starting to make a difference. So, just click on the link below, download Reboot Your Life and start learning how to make changes and create a better future for yourself.

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