Savings can be hard at best of times. This has a lot to do with the instant gratification trend that is sweeping around the world. Luckily, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the media loves pushing our weak point to coax people into spending big dollars they don’t have thus buy things on credit if that’s the only way you can get it now.

Since you are here reading this blog, I have to achieve you are one of those people that want to change their financial future and want to reach their money goals. You may have even tried to set some goals in the future but they just didn’t quite eventuate. First thing to do is not to beat yourself up about that fact! Instead be grateful that you can find a way to fine tune those goals!

Getting your goals right can be tricky, but once you get them right, you’ll be unstoppable!

Step 1. – Set money goals for things that are important to you!

So many people blurt things out that they want to have money for, but if we were to really drill down to the truth, we’d find that they don’t really want that Lambo, or boat or constant travel around the globe. It was just something that friends, family or marketing put into their head as a good idea to do.

When you set out something you don’t truly value, you are setting yourself up for struggle and an imminent fail. There’s no spark to kick start you and there is definitely no real reason to keep going.

So when you start out setting your money goals think of things you truly want for yourself, things that truly excite you and inspire you. Whether it’d be your home deposit, money for your new family car or an investment fund, it is important that your goal is linked to something you truly value.

Step 2. – Set the numbers

Don’t just through a figure out there. I know $1M sound like a good round number, but it is meaningless unless you can truly link it to your valued item. So research how much you would need to achieve your goal!

This step has a lot to do with your success! Firstly if you start researching all the info you can get on what you want to achieve, your brain starts focusing on it and it will start opening your eyes up to opportunities to achieve your goal.

Secondly you can set a clear goal based on knowing how much you need, thus you can measure your progress toward it.

So if you are saving for your home deposit, then research the area and the kind of property you want to live in. how much do they cost? What sort of grants can you claim, if any. How much deposit will you need? And bingo! There’s your number

Step 3. – Make the goal about giving to others

Unfortunately as the human kind, we are terrible at sticking to goals that would benefit us. But we can be very driven if we need to be there for others. So make the goal about something that’s bigger than you!

If it’s setting money aside for the family home – the goal is about providing for your family. Are you getting my gist?

Step 4. – Create Ways to track your progress

This is important because what gets measured gets improved. What else is more important if that you make this fun, colourful and visual. Let’s face it, it’s very easy to notice the negative things in life, which can suck your energy dry. So find a way to focus on progress in a fun way and celebrate your successes!

Achieving your goals have a lot to do with what’s going on in your mind, if you can keep the positive focus going, you will achieve your goals quicker.

Step 5. – Write your goals down and share it

Yup, there were statistics done on this! And if you look at the worlds wealthy, you will find the ones that are great at goal setting and achieving. They write things down, they follow the plan to get there, they share with as many people as possible what they are trying to achieve. Not only does it help them stay on track, often times doing that also brings them the right people that can help them get to reach their goals quicker.

So don’t be shy! Be ready to own your goals, it will help you get there a lot quicker. That and an automated banking system… But I’ll tell you about that next time!

In the meantime, if you are ready to challenge the way you have been setting your goals, and willing to try something new, check out my masterclass on creating Powerful Money Goals!