Was the headline the other day that has given me a lightbulb moment.

I have read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill several times. Whenever I got to the chapter called The mystery of sex transmutation, I always felt a little lost. Never really understood this chapter, and for its time it was way out there.

So what did Napoleon Hill refer to? It is clear to me now! He was talking about the massive energy that is created by our sexuality. It is one of the most powerful things we have inside us. It used to drive us to procreate after all, so why not use it!

Even though we live in the 21st century sex still seems to be a taboo, and most people are not comfortable with their sexuality. They are missing out on the opportunities this energy creates. Our sexual energy can open up the genius within. It is our creative energy, it helps us find ways to make things happen. When you tap into this energy you radiate confidence, charisma. Not to mention that your brain is working so much better! You may have heard it before, but letting of some steam can also help you reduce stress. Helps you recharge and keep you focused.

Personally I am not just talking about sex, but things like flirting, sensual massages… anything that turns you on. Because when you are tuned into this energy you seem a lot more desirable to people. They get drawn into your sphere. Why? Because it shows! It shows in things you wear, how you conduct yourself, how you carry yourself and how you speak with others.

If you don’t use this energy to your advantage, you could be missing out on getting what you are worth. And no, I don’t mean ‘sleep your way to the top’. In fact Napoleon Hill says that ‘The emotion of sex is a virtue only when used intelligently, and with discrimination.’

Angelina Jolie Flickr

But what if you are not feeling amorous? Well that can show. It can show in strained relationships in many levels. It can show up as having brain fog and blockages in other areas of your life, like business, money, health. Like all things great, there is a fine balance. So find ways to bring sexy back!

Grandma undies for ladies, or those back with ‘air holes’ in it for the boys, will not do it! Neither will your favourite holy T-shirt, or or track pants. So think about your clothes. Think about your posture, if you slouch over, that will not convey sexy or confident! And since we are looking at the whole picture, how is your tone today? Berating and negative, or uplifting and at times even flirtatious? It’s all within you! If you need some help to remind you, turn some music on that makes you feel awesome and ever sexy! Even better get moving!

If music is not your thing what can you do today that will help you fine tune this energy?