In case you haven’t yet noticed it, procrastination can put your life on hold. How long for is up to you…

I know it is easy to say stop procrastinating now, if anything, I feel that will just add anxiety to the mix also.

Every day we are faced with decisions and choices around things that may change our lives – like quit smoking – and things that are not very important – like what is for dinner tonight.

Procrastination can happen when you have two different views fighting within, your head and your heart. Most of us have been taught to be more logical and less emotional about things, so it can be a challenge to pick which one is right. In saying that, if we do not deliver to our heart’s desire, we find ourselves in turmoil.

When we find ourselves not taking action, it means that we became indecisive.

The first thing you need to do is become aware of what the issue is. Get it out of you, write it in a journal or discuss it with someone that can stay impartial. Go into detail, what is the issue, who is affected, how are the parties affected, how do you feel about it, what has triggered those feelings? What are the consequences of acting or not acting?

Whether you are right or wrong is not the question here. So leave judgment out of the situation.  The most important thing is that you deal with whatever is causing you to drag your feet.

You have to make a decision, act on it or not. The latter is still a choice. Not dealing with the issue and delaying it is also a choice.

Yes there will be consequences. But they will be there whether you act now or later. Generally speaking the longer you procrastinate the worse the consequences will be.

Once you figured out the consequences, get ready to take action. You will not stay safe or control the future by doing nothing. And the more you do nothing, the less you will get out of life. When you do take action you’ll discover that no matter what happens, you’ll find a way to handle it.

“I was going to stop procrastinating this week, but then I changed my mind …”  We laugh at this quote, yet it’s not so funny when we find ourselves in that situation.

I encourage you, make up your mind and take a leap of faith!