Action can have a great impact on living a life of your dreams.  The world doesn’t belong to those that just dream, but those who are willing to take action.

It certainly has been on top of my list this week, TAKE ACTION! It is all well and good that I have a vision, and I have a plan, but those things alone won’t make things happen, I have to. It can be nerve racking as you don’t always know if you are on the right track, and sometimes you have to put yourself in situations that you don’t really have a great knowledge of but have to make happen, but there isn’t one person that would know all the right answers so might as well give it a go I say.

Take Action Now Stairs

It is such a powerful experience to look back at what I have done this week to move toward my big picture goal. I am early on the journey, but I feel no matter where you are you have to keep your outcome in mind at all times. Make the decisions to move you toward it one step at a time.

You can’t fear failure, I have learnt to look at it as an opportunity to put my ducks back in a row, re-evaluate the picture, learn from what didn’t work and move forward again. There will be new information heading your way, at lightning speed these days, don’t let that swerve you of your main track, however make adjustments if you feel it would make things better.

Don’t let the fear caused by the risks over run your mind and your heart these will end up creating anxiety and will hold you back from reaching your full potential.


In a study completed at Babson College they found that the difference between successes and failures could be summarised in one word ‘Launch!’. Successful people were willing to give things a go, take opportunities with both hands without the guarantee of what would occur. They were willing to take risks, overcome fears and take action. You never know what you will find.

Take chances, now I am not saying take chances on things that you full well know not going to work i.e. gambling. But take measured chances. Become more active in the area you want to head in. turn up to that networking event you have been dreading. Make the next phone call to that client. Don’t wait for things to happen, as General Douglas MacArthur said ‘There is no security in life, only opportunity’.

I have to say that I am feeling very energised and excited! I can see things coming together, at times it may not feel like they are progressing at a speed I want them to, but I remind myself that I am at a place where I am meant to be at that time, as long as I keep taking steps forward I will get there.

So if you haven’t yet got going, when would NOW be a good time to Take Action?