What our Clients Say…

Hayley KeenanHayley Keenan – Propertyneur – (Perth, Western Australia)

I heard about coaching through several avenues, mainly through personal development seminars that I had attended. I decided to enroll in a coaching program as I thought that it would help me grow both myself and my business.

I found the process of coaching to be really good. It was clear from the start what was expected of myself and Orsolya. There was homework set each week in which there were some hard questions and blockages to work though, but it was extremely rewarding.

From my time in the coaching program with Orsolya I learned about the blockages that I had and how to move through them, I learnt how to ask the right questions about the goals that I set to make sure that it was what I wanted and not what I should do. I learnt how to hold myself accountable and keep moving forward to reach those goals.

My biggest takeaway for my personal life has been time management, not just time management in the work/business sense but for all the roles of my life. The scheduling time for my relationships has paid dividends. Also being aware of what roles in my life are the most important and making sure that I spend my time on the high value things.

Coaching with Orsolya helped my business by exploring in depth my niche, about the customers that I wanted to capture and how I was going to do that. There was also a lot of help with my social media and content creation plans. It was great to have someone with a lot of business experience who I could talk to, bounce ideas off and provide me with fresh insight.

I would recommend coaching for others, even if you don’t have a business, the personal development that I gained from the 12 weeks was immense. Coaching is great! I found that I can procrastinate and having a coach to hold me accountable is a great motivation.

I found Orsolya’s style of coaching really personable open and friendly. She was there to help and was really knowledgeable on business and on mindset. She was really great with helping me move forward and reach my goals.