Whether you are a parent or a leader of people it is very important that you are using the right language when you are encouraging others around you.

Positive encouragement, I found, brings about a much better engagement then negative reinforcement, yet the latter seems to be more common. When things are going well we tend to forget about acknowledging the people and rewarding them with at least the encouraging words to keep them going.

Personally I like to set out to give at least one positive compliment to each person I deal with every day. A compliment that I mean!

To help you along, I want to share with you some words you can use. I like to call it the Encouragement Alphabet.

Awesome, Amazing, Achievement, Accountability

Beautiful, Brilliant,

Cool, Cheerful, Cute

Dazzling, Deserve, Dedicated

Excellent, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Exciting

Fantastic, Flawless, Fabulous

Great, Good, Grateful

Happy, Hot, Helpful

Incerdible, Impressive, Inspiring

Jazzy, Joy


Love, Like, Leader

Marvelous, Magic, Magnificent


Open Minded, Optimistic, Outstanding

Perfect, Powerful, Passionate

Quality, Quite nice

Rad, Remarkable, Rockin’

Super, Stunning, Superb

Terrific, Thrilling, Thank you

Unbelievable, Unique, Unflappable

Vivacious, Value, Victory

Wonderful, Wicked, WOW


Yes, Yippee, Yay

Zealous, Zesty, Zippy

At first it may be challenging to find the right word and to remember to compliment people. However it costs you nothing and if you are genuine about your positive comment, the return can be priceless.