There are two types of laws in the universe: man made laws and natural laws. These natural (universal) laws are unbreakable, when you try to break natural law, you will get caught out every time.

Natural laws can be broken down even further into mental laws and physical laws. Physical laws are noticeable around you such as gravity, electricity and the likes. Mental laws however are based on experience, and you will see them work through your life. Some of the mental laws go as far back as 2000 B.C. back then they were referred to as principles and took years of study to become a master of these laws. They were only to be known by the selected few. Lucky for us, today these laws are discussed quite openly.

Mental laws are at work all the time, even when you cannot physically see them. When life is going well, it means that your thoughts, activities and being are aligned with the mental laws. If life is not going as well as you would like it is because you violated the natural laws.

These laws are central to your happiness, so let’s learn more about them!

I am sure that you have heard about the Law of Attraction, many times over. You need to know however that the Law of Attraction is not the only universal law there is.

There is a law called, the Law of Control. It states that the more you feel in control of your life the more positive you are about yourself. When you do not feel in control, or feel that someone else is in control of your life, negativity starts to kick in.

This law is well known in psychology also. It is agreed that stress, anxiety and tension related illnesses are the result of a person feeling out of control of all or part of their life.
People often tend to give the control to their debt, boss or their ‘other half’. This in turns creates stress and generates irritation, anger and resentment. If it is not dealt with early on it can lead to some serious health issues and also relationship break downs.

Giving control over to others comes down to whether you have an internal or external locus of control. People with an external locus tend to become victims and become feeling trapped and controlled by others. While people who understand the law of control are your natural leaders. They are proactive in creating their own circumstances and are accountable for their situation.
People with an internal locus of control make decisions based on their core beliefs and value system, as such they never complain, explain or blame others for their situation.

The control over your life starts with your own thoughts. If you have noticed that you tend to blame others for your situation rather than being accountable, now is the time to take charge! Start the change by observing your thoughts and take control of them and your negative emotions. Realise they are there and choose to turn them into a positive. This simple step will start turning your life around.

Self mastery begins with building up your self control and self discipline, first by taking control of your thoughts. As Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’, so don’t give that consent!

Once you have your mind under control, make a list of other things that you feel are irritating you and you can possibly control. Then take action to change these, one by one. Work out the exact outcome you desire, and take small actions toward making that change. Knowing what you want exactly will give you a clear direction and purpose.

Write your wants down, clearly and be decisive when you need to be, to set your action into motion.

Not sure whether you live by the Law of Control? Ask yourself these questions:
• Do I make things happen, or do things just happen to me?
• Do I make decisions based on what I want or based on wanting to please others?
• Do I feel trapped by any part of my life?

Be brutally honest when you answer these. No point on fooling around, you will cheat yourself from a better life.

If you are ready to make the change then get out of the victim mode, and take charge, start now. If there is something you don’t like, change it. If there is something that frustrates you, improve it. Become accountable, and don’t forget, you always have choices over your life!

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