The new year is coming, we are all getting excited for the changes, possibilities ahead and having this ‘shitty’ year over. Aren’t we? Yet we tend to get all caught up in the moment and not think about what it is exactly that would make next year a lot better year. And when the bells at new years eve start ringing we suddenly find ourselves sharing resolutions that we are just blurting out left right and centre leaving us open to disappointment by the time January finishes.

So how can you make this year different? Well, you are going to have to do something different. I am sure you heard that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the sign of insanity. Let’s face it, you aren’t insane. You are a smart and capable young woman. If you think about the pattern that happens each year, I am sure that if you stopped for a moment and reflected that you’d know that the answer is to take the time now to create a plan.

How should you devise your plan?

What do you think you want to achieve?

Firstly think about all the things you want to achieve, personally, career/business wise, for your health, wealth and relationship. Write them all down. If you feel stuck just have a brainstorming session. Or you may have some of these items having been lingering over your head for a few years. In any case write them down.

Is it for you?

Then examine whether they are even for you or are you trying to please someone else? See if you don’t have a positive personal connection with the plan, it is not likely that it will happen. The simplest way to examine each item is to ask ‘why do I want to achieve this?’ and watch the answers. If it goes to ‘because my partner wants me to’, well it is not something that you will be jumping into with all your might, is it? So scrap it off your list till you have a personal investment in it, whatever it may be.

Is your plan specific and measurable?

Once you go through the list, some things may need further breaking down others can go straight into your plan. I.e. Having time with family – ok, when do you want to have that time? Put it into your calendar. Now I like to have a planner in front of me that is visual, but there are plenty of gadgets about that you can use. Choose what works for you to remind you that ‘Tuesday night is date night with your kids…’ as an example. Block the time out and commit!

Other items may be like, losing weight. OK, how much do you need to lose? What is a realistic timeframe that can happen in? Once you know the answer break it down as a goal for each month and each week. Also include what you need to do for it to happen, i.e. drink more water or make different food options. Make sure that you also plan in the rewards! After all, you need to reinforce all the positive work you are doing for you!

Devise and document your plan

As you have each of your resolutions broken down into goals, targets and commitments set yourself up for success with visual reminders – for me that is my planner. It can also be a vision board, a reminder app, pictures around the house, a start chart to measure your success. Whatever it is, the aim is to plan and have you connect to your goals on every level possible, visually, emotionally and physically.

Take the time now, to set yourself up for a successful new year! Change the pattern from disappointment to empowerment!

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