Over the weekend I saw a friend of mine post on her Blog, ‘The Power of ‘Yes’’! So I had to go an check it out… I loved it so much that I am now sharing her thoughts with you…

Often on a run, your mind wonders from one life question to another. Often, I make ambiguous connections which make perfect sense in my head at that moment, but when I come to write it down the idea falls apart. But my latest ‘run-wonder’ is the best yet. Simple, but so brilliant (at least to me) that I have to share… especially to the lovely ladies that inspire me so much…

The Ross Marathon is this weekend and if I could give any advice it would be to repeat to yourself ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ in the car ride up, ‘yes’ in the line up for the loo, ‘yes’ when trying to make chit chat with fellow runners when you cant even swallow from nerves, ‘yes’ when lining up at the start fumbling with your iPod, ‘yes’ when the gun is shot, and ‘yes’ when it bites.

It is the most simple mantra you could say to yourself. ‘Yes’. But it has the most amazing effect on your attitude, posture and energy. On this particular run, where my thoughts landed on the word ‘yes’, I found my shoulders, without being instructed, rolled back, my chest opened and my rhythm flowed easier. My posture completely changed and so did my thinking. Then it struck me, the word yes really can change your life.

Think about it. Your partner, family, friends, major events…. it’s all happened/possible because at some point you said ‘yes’.

I think about myself and life up until this point, and I am grateful that I have been given many opportunities… but they weren’t just handed to me. I had to open myself to possibility… sometimes I didn’t know what was available, I just said ‘yes’ and almost always got more than what I bargained for.

I think back to when I decided to run my first fun run (Mother’s Day Classic, 8K), did I really think that I would become a Personal Trainer, run Point to Pinnacle or a Marathon? Of course not! This isn’t my moment to toot my own horn, and of course there are many others like me (I’m not that special), but I am trying to make the point that one ‘yes’ can change the course of your life!!

Before this I used to smoke and drink… and feel sorry for myself. So, dear friends… I want your mantra to be…

Yes, I can do this
Yes, I will be ok
Yes, I deserve success
Yes, I back myself
Yes, I dare to be bold
Yes, yes, yes just bloody YES!!

Does this sound like something you’ve seen before??

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