In the last few days I was amazed at the amount of people bursting out in rage, for the slightest things. I am amazed at this at any time, but I found it even more interesting to have witnessed these outbursts as we just had a period of 2 weeks where 99% of people were on holidays.

While I can’t tell you whether the first one was part of the lucky majority, but I can definitely tell that the others were.

This tells me that they must be living in that state of ‘anger’. The kind of outburst has given me the insight that they have given their power over their life away. They were blaming others for their circumstances, they were abusive, or just frustrated by little things.

Wow, was all I could say. What a state to be in. It was a great reminder for me to check my thoughts. I recommend you do the same. There is no time like the present to take control of your thoughts. As what you think or say will become your reality.

For these examples I had, I would say that they are constantly negative and frustrated as their thoughts would revolve around negativity, criticism, looking for the worse. As such these are the things that they are bringing to themselves, constantly.

Lucky for those of us that make the effort, your thinking patterns and habits can be turned around. You can actually install positive thinking patters. This won’t happen overnight, however the change in your life can be amazing. So the effort is well worth it.

If you are wondering how that is even possible, I can tell you that you will need to become mindful. Mindful of what you say or even think, as thinking is really self-talk. Every thought (whether it leaves your mouth or not) is creating your experiences, and shapes your life.

At this stage you may find that you start changing your thoughts, but hit blockages. These blockages are just your current beliefs trying to stop you from changing. You may say to yourself, ‘I am getting wealthier and wealthier each day’ and in the next sentence you tell yourself, ‘oh this is stupid, I know it won’t work’.

Which belief do you think will win? You guessed it, it will be the negative one every time. The way you can break this down is to acknowledge your negative thought. Say Thank you for your input. I let you go.’ Followed by the positive thought you had in your mind.

Even better, turn your affirmations into afformations and ask the questions ‘Why am I so wealthy now?’ this way your mind will have to give you the answers of all the reasons why you are already so wealthy. It may not be what you are currently thinking.

Remember, the universe takes your thoughts quite literally and gives you what you say you want. Every thought counts, so don’t waste them. Every positive thought will bring something positive to you.

Getting through to your subconscious can be challenging! Let’s face it, it took you years to get to where you are now, it’ll take some time to undo your patterns. But you are not alone! Join us at the Abundant Mind Toolkit and learn how to retrain your brain to success.