New Year’s eve is upon us! It is the time when so many people eagerly make their new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately this tends to happen after way to many drinks without any previous thoughts put into it, yet the theme is generally the same – We all want Health, Wealth and Happiness!


So it is not a surprise that the resolutions include – losing 20kgs in the first two months, or making $1M dollars by the end of June, or finding the love of our lives…. No wonder that these resolutions don’t last, and will be forgotten by the end of January.

Unfortunately with one lasting message to ourselves, this action seals the faith on negative self-image. Why? Have you ever seen a child disappointed when something they wanted, especially promised by their parents, didn’t happen? Those emotions run deep.

When you make resolutions, in effect you make yourself a promise. Sure they are crazy and unrealistic, but your mind can’t tell the difference. A promise is a promise! When you don’t make the effort to make it happen you let yourself down. You tell yourself you are not worth your effort. The more you do this the lower your self-belief will be.


This is why I encourage you to sit down and reflect on life, on you, on what you want, don’t want and the changes you need to create in the new year. Consider the following:

  • What is life all about for you? Are you living it the way you want it to be?
  • What changes you need to make to be more fulfilled? Change career, start a blog, volunteer, travel?
  • What are your debt levels like? How can you make them better? Can you reduce debt? (Check our e-book on how)
  • What do you want to learn? How do you want to grow? Who can help you do this?
  • What is working so far? What goals do you want to put in place? ($1M may be a bit much, but an extra $10K may be achievable)
  • Who do you want to have in your life? Who are the energy sappers that drain you?
  • Where is life out of balance? And how can you get it back on track?
  • How is your health tracking? Do you get enough exercise, healthy food? Do you need to cut out any bad habits – that could be your savings in itself!
  • Do you need to plan in breaks? Me time, family time, personal development?

Don’t worry about making it look pretty to start with. Just get everything that is bothering you and everything you would like in your life out on paper. Then go through them, challenge them check that they really are about you and for you. All you have to ask is ‘Why’ you want something or don’t want something and you will get the answer to that.

Once you have the list of items that you feel very serious about, write them on a fresh list, and turn them into your resolution.

If it is to save $10,000 by the end of 2016, that is great, set the pig picture and then break it down to a manageable chunk. i.e that will mean $192 savings per week. And put that into place, set it up through automatic deductions.

If it is about fitness, get a plan in place that you are inspired to do and stick to. Get a work out buddy to keep you accountable.

Let’s break the cycle of broken resolutions, and design 2016 the year you want it to be!