Today I would like to talk about the number one habit that the real wealthy people have which is actually why they are becoming wealthy.

You see, when I speak to most people and I ask them, “what do you think of the rich, what do you think of wealthy people?”

Who are these wealthy people and what do they do?

More often than not I get the answer back -which is basically what comes through the TV as marketing- which is all about the high income, about the glitzy lifestyle about the hyper consumption, buying every single new gadget, going on holidays every year, having the luxury cars and all that sort of thing. The problem with that is that when you see this picture, when you’re creating this picture -if you actually look behind the scenes- about 99% of the people who have the high income and that perceived amazing lifestyle are also faced with really high debt levels, the stress of thinking what if I lose my job as well as the relentless standard that they’re constantly trying to live up to to feel accepted. So, they’re actually not even happy in their lives. They don’t get to enjoy the things that they have bought with their money and they live in stress and fear. So, is that really what you want to be achieving? I don’t think so.

When we’re looking at the wealthy people that are, on paper, really wealthy, have actually achieved millionaire status, often times you wouldn’t even realise that they are rich, that they are wealthy, that they are millionaires. And the reason for that is that they choose to live below their means. Their most important thing, generally speaking, is their family and their friends and a close-knit community and they are focusing on creating a financial plan to get ahead.

For wealthy people, the most important thing is to create a balanced lifestyle, whilst achieving financial freedom.

The habit that is the number one thing in this picture is basically taking the time to sit down and create their wealth plan. So, they’re basically looking at “okay, how much time do I need to do it” and most often than not each of them has a weekly plan to sit down, to look at where they’re at, look at whether they are on target, to look at what they need to do next to get where they want to be. And if it means that they have to hire a cleaner, a VA or a babysitter to help them, they will do that. But they use that time effectively, they use that time planning and to set out the actions that they need to take because they know that that time that they might pay for an assistant to help them will repay tenfold if they are utilizing it efficiently. They know that it is worth it.

The people that are living the high income, glitzy lifestyle actually have a very bad habit. 99% of the time, they do not sit down, they do not create a wealth plan and they do not actually have anything to fall back on apart from a high income. So, think about it this way…. when you’re moving forward, when you start changing your financial outcomes, which one would you prefer? Being financially independent on your terms without stress, living a lifestyle that you actually can sustain, that you can find fulfillment in…. or would you want to be choosing the high income, high stress, high fear sort of a lifestyle?

Which one is it going to be? Which one do you think will be worth it in the long run?